14 September, 2018


Title: Beneath Still Waters
Author: Matthew J. Costello
Series: -
Genres: Horror
Publisher: Berkley
Release: April 1st, 1989
Source: Paperback
Pages: 300

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BLURB: Fifty years ago, the town of Gouldens Falls was evacuated, flooded, and submerged under two hundred feet of water. Along with its secrets. Just as well it was buried. There was always something not quite right about that town.

Today, on the anniversary of its watery fate, the man-made lake that was once Gouldens Falls is the source of fascination for a visiting journalist. And a cause for alarm. Because something else is down there. Something evil. And on this special anniversary, it's going to surface.

EXPECTATIONS: I bought this book from a market sale about 10 years ago. I didn't really have any expectations... it was just a cheap book.

THE WORLD: It's set in an American small town called Goulden's Falls.

CHARACTERS: There is no main character per se as the book follows several inhabitants of this tiny village. We follow and get a bit into the lives of Dan Quarry, Teresa and Clara Borgia, and Mordecai Salas. According to the book Gouldens Falls was submerged on purpose because something evil was killing people in the town. Now, 50 years later the same evil force has awaken again and is threatening the lives of these people and the whole town.

ROMANCE: No romance.

GOOD: The good thing was probably the premise. It was a good idea to convert into horror/thriller but the delivery was lacking. The pace was good enough although the end felt rushed.

BAD: The bad was... the poor delivery. The book doesn't take enough time to dwell into details of how the town was submerged, on how the evil force was awaken exactly, why some people did what they did... etc. Details were lacking. At the same time, the opposite happen at the end of the book were the ending felt very rushed. It felt as "okay done with it" and we are left with a "but what now?". There isn't really a good, satisfactory, conclusion.

OVERALL: I give it 3 stars. Kind of entertaining but feels like one of those 80s cheap movies. In fact, it is actually a movie (though critics are not very good) and the book was written in 1989. A lot has rained since then. I kept that in mind.

What do you think about BENEATH STILL WATERS?


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