21 January, 2018


Happy Sunday, friends! Welcome to Sunday Portraits, where we give a face to our beloved book friends!

 Today we have: A CHARM OF MAGPIES by K.J. Charles:

Lucien Vaudrey is the current Lord Crane and owner of the Piper Estate in Lychdale, which he inherited after the deaths of his father, Quentin Vaudrey, and brother, Hector Vaudrey. Lucien also holds the title of Viscount Fortunegate and is the descendent of one of the most powerful magicians and the inventor of modern magic practice, Lord Fortunegate or the Magpie Lord.

Lucien Vaudrey

Lucien Vaudrey is a character from K.J. Charles trilogy "A Charm of Magpies", which I loved to bits, and broke my unwillingness to re-read books with. He's a charming man who has been exiled to live in China, Shanghai since he was a teenager due to being gay, something his noble English father couldn't stand, even if his older sold was committing crimes left and right in the meantime. He returned to England to deal with the papers left after his father's death, and was keen to return to civilization, in his own words, but someone had different plans for the man.

Book review: The Magpie Lord
Painting by: Nosferatu


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