22 September, 2017


Title: War of Roses
Author: L.J. Smith
Series: Vampire Diaries #8; Evensong #2
Genres: Paranormal, Vampires, YA
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Worlds
Release: 62
Source: eBook
Pages: 2014

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Elena and her friends now have no conscious memories of Stefan—but each is having a difficult time adapting to a world without him. Damon can scarcely put out fires fast enough.

Bonnie feels as if she’s going insane. Her latest oddity is sleepwalking across the Dalcrest campus with only a golden-eyed white “dog” as a companion. This behavior terrifies the others, especially given the recent attacks in neighboring towns that leave girls drained of blood.

More, Bonnie finds herself caught up in her own love triangle with Matt’s shy new roommate, Bastian, and Damon. She realizes that Damon should be completely off limits, but she can’t help feeling there is someone else who is Elena’s perfect partner somewhere.

No one knows much about Bastian, who has white-blond hair and golden eyes, but he doesn’t seem to like Damon. Is Bastian just jealous of Damon’s affection for Bonnie or does he have some darker secret?

Meanwhile, both red roses and black are mysteriously appearing for Bonnie and Elena. Who are they from, and why do they seem so important? The War of Roses has just begun. . . .

The blurb lies. There is no Bastian in this book. 

EXPECTATIONS: Okay after a fiasco of the last book I was really considering if I should read this or not but in the end who am I kidding? Of course I will read it.

THE WORLD: The true Vampire Diaries world that we know from books. Vampires, werewolves, witches and what not exist in this world. Also we are set on a small college campus in this book where the whole gang is registered as students. 

CHARACTERS: So the cover of the book kinda indicated that this time it will be about Bonnie. Well...maybe but not really. In general we did have more of their scenes but everything was so weird and just really had no real connection and just dunno. At one point everybody was literary going insane so yeah...I cannot really discuss the characters much either because we only have 62 pages and majority is flashback to how Damon died and how Elena and Stefan saved him. Which we already read before. So yeah...Stefan is still annoying, Damon is not really being himself and the rest are just there. Also Bonnie is way more childish than usual. Like seriously, can this girl stop crying about everything? This is so not my Bonnie that I loved and was proud of in original books. 

ROMANCE: Now this is the weirdest part. So Damon now should be with Elena right, but then he goes off and kisses Bonnie. Like I can see a love triangle in the air. And the fact that Smith herself said Damon was supposed to be with Bonnie...hmm I don't know. It all felt kinda fake, if you want read Bonnie and Damon go read a short story Smith wrote long time ago about how they met first time in the library. 

GOOD: I of course liked even tho it felt fake that kiss between Bonnie and Damon. We all know he has feelings for her and we all know Bonnie loves Damon too. It's just that Elena is always standing in the way so yeah...that little moment when all was good...that was nice I guess. 

BAD: How confusing. I had no idea hat was happening very often. Also the language was super childish. Like no college girl talks like this, not even Bonnie. And that whole flashback...we already read it before, why must we read it again?

OVERALL: I really did not like it and I am actually happy there is no more of this series. The first book was not good but this one was a true mess. So if you are a die hard fan like me of original Vampire Diaries go read it but if you are looking for something fun and aint much into the story then I would not recommend it. 

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