03 March, 2017


Title: The Old Lady Detective Agency
Author: Ryan Herrin
Series: -
Genres: Mystery, thriller, comedy
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release: August 5th, 2016
Source: Papeback
Pages: 338

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This hilarious detective story is about two inept ladies that stumble their way through their first case that no one asked them to take on. Pam is the leader; she is also a delusional paranoid that believes she can take down the crime syndicate that she invented to explain her missing car keys. Betty is her reluctant partner. She wouldn't mind helping Pam solve crimes, but reality T.V. is on, and she has half a sheet cake in her fridge. How could these two not succeed?


This book was sent to me for an honest review!

EXPECTATIONS: I have to admit, part of the allure for me to read this book was the title! I just had to see that these old ladies had to do with detectives and how they'll solve a mystery! I don't even know why but I had super high expectations for this book, and maybe that was the reason I ended up liking and not loving this book.

THE WORLD: Our everyday world, nothing fancy, magical or supernatural, just our normal world. Just as we know it, where our characters go shopping, watch television, gossip and try to simply get by.

CHARACTERS: The plot of this book actually starts up after a local flea market is robbed and out two main characters decide they will solve the mystery, because who will stop them? So throughout this novel there are a number of character  here are number of characters that take a minor or a little bigger role but in general we have two main character: Pam - a senior woman, who reminded me a lot of a cool old grandma who always curse at you and hits with a wooden spoon. She is still hip, she knows the trends, she can really put you in your place and she will do it with style! She doesn't know the word 'no' and she will go and get anything done!

Then we have her best Betty - also a senior woman, who is a little slower than Pam, she likes to think things through, to ponder a little, to take it slow and just relax by watching reality TV shows (the same ones as I do now :D, trash TV high five Betty!). I'm not sure cause I didn't really lock in anywhere in the novel but to me it felt like Betty was slowly loosing her memory, cause she got into some hilarious situations because she couldn't remember or find something. So these two ladies decide, well Pam decides, and Betty follows, to solve the flea marker robbery, since no one will mess with their neighborhood! And once they start their investigation we meed a number of other character such like:

Earnie, the flea marker manager, Estelle - the guard, Michael, Jared and so on. In all honesty, none of them really stuck with me some were little cliches like from the old detective movies, where all the suspects are being questioned, and there is the snobby woman, the scary guy and so one, which is not bad, because there were some funny moments.

ROMANCE: None. Well friendship.

GOOD: I enjoyed the idea of two old ladies trying to solve a mystery and just having the best time.

BAD: As I said I went into this book with really high expectations so I was a little disappointed when I realized the book wasn't really what  I hoped it would be. It really reminded me a lot of those old old movies where someone yells 'there's been a murder' and then two detectives try and solve the mystery they talk to each suspect, cause everyone is a suspect. I dunno, sometimes it felt like Pam didn't really appreciate Betty, or that Betty was well not stupid but just too slow. It seemed as Pam was the detective and Betty the sidekick. I think not all jokes worked and some felt forced.

OVERALL: In general I did like this book a lot, and I would read the next one if there would be one.

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