04 March, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I we will completing this fun tag:



Get to know Me

1.When did I start reading. 

I started to learn to read in 1st grade, but it was very difficult for me to learn how to read and I used to stutter when I was a young kid.  I just such a hard time learning to read and for my stuttering I would do these exercises of reading out loud to my parents so I think that's why reading is like second nature to me.

2. The first book I read was... 

Snow White and Seven dwarfs. This was my first book I ever ever read from start to finish all by myself :)

3. My favorite author

Jane Austen. However, I do love and enjoy reading a lot lot more: Stephen King, Ruta Sepetys, Diana Gabaldon, Charlotte Bronte, Oscar Wilde. I literally could go on and on.

 4. Book that most influenced me? 

Harry Potter / Pride & Prejudice, these books I think had the most impact on me. However, I do believe that all books you read whether it;s bad or good leave a mark on you and influence you in one way or another.

5. Book in my native language I like.

 Stiklo Å alis by Vanda JuknaitÄ—. A short story about a woman going through life crisis.

 6.Books that have special place in my heart.

 Harry Potter series, Pride & Prejudice, Twilight and A Time to Die and a Time to Live. I understand that these book are not equal in both genres and quality, but I always find my way back to them somehow. It's strange.

 7.Best book I ever got as a present.

 I actually got a lot of good books for presents lately, but if I had to pick, I'd pick Little Women, that was given to me by HannahCassie :) I absolutely love it!

8.My guilty pleasure books

 The Twilight Series

9.Book I'd never read

 There are literally hundreds of those, I haven't read so many great books, but just to pick one would be Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

10.Book I would always recommend

 Carrie or Pride & Prejudice, I always recommend these books

I hope you enjoyed the tag as much as I did  while doing it. Let me get to know you better as well!

p.s. Happy Spring! I wish you sunny days and beautiful flowers!