07 June, 2015

Bye Bye: The Mortal Instruments

I started reading first book in 2011 and it took me 4 years to finish the series!

City of Bones
Oct 2011 3/5 stars

City of Ashes
Jan 2012 3/5 stars

City of Glass
March 2012 3/5 stars

City of Fallen Angels
April 2014 2/5 stars

City of Lost Souls
May 2015  4/5 stars

City of Heavenly Fire
June 2015 4/5 stars

It really started all with my friend shipping Clary and Jace so I bought the book to see what all the fuzz is about. I gave up after 20 pages and gave her the book to keep.

Then I don't remember how eventually I picked it up again and read first one. Then somehow I read second and third and then I stopped. It was when I officially dropped the series.

I picked book four after about 2 years break and absolutely hated it.  Dropped the series again.

After a year I picked the book five and it was really much better then before therefore I just decided to actually finish the series. Yesterday, I finished the book six and have to admit, it was worth reading first four books and feeling tortured just for book six. It was really good! 

So boy oh boy, I say bye bye to The Mortal Instruments series!

All credits to the artists.