09 November, 2018


Title: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Author:  Washington Irving
Series: - 
Genres: Horror,, Short Stories, Fiction,
Publisher: Tor Classics
Release: January 15th, 1991
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 108

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Sleepy Hollow is a strange little place...some say bewitched. Some talk of its haunted valleys and streams, the ghostly woman in white, eerie midnight shrieks and howls, but most of all they talk of the Headless Horseman. A huge, shadowy soldier who rides headless through the night, terrifying unlucky travellers.

Schoolteacher Ichabod Crane is fascinated by these stories....Until late one night, walking home through Wiley's swamp, he finds that maybe they're not just stories.

What is that dark, menacing figure riding behind him on a horse? And what does it have in its hands?

And why wasn't schoolteacher Crane ever seen in Sleepy Hollow again?

EXPECTATIONS: Sleepy Hollow was always one of my favorite movies, simply because Tim Burton and Johnny Depp of course, but for some reason I never got around to read the book, so finally this year did it! And honestly....I much rather stick to the movie! 

THE WORLD: We find ourselves  in 1790, in a Dutch settlement in America, Tattytown New York, that is also called Sleepy Hollow. The town is filled with stories about ghosts, and goblins, and other night monsters and it seems like this town basically thrives around theses stories. One of the stories being the legend of headless horseman, that searches for it's head. 

CHARACTERS: We have a schoolmaster Ichabod Crane, who teaches young people of Sleepy Hollow and lives with any person whose kids he teaches at the time. To me, besides having a very cool name, this character was the most annoying idiot in the village. I mean, nothing about this man was great or interesting. He was scared of everything, worried about everything and just lost in every possible way! I don't even want to continue to speak about him, cause he was just so dull! 

In all honesty, all characters were dull and annoying. Katrina, was an absolute flirt, Brom was just the biggest jerk, Katrina's father, Baltus Van Tassel, I think was the only descent character in the book.

ROMANCE: Ichabod loves Katrina, and it's not really clear if Katrina loves Icabod, or loves the attention. 

GOOD: I don't know even. Maybe the creepy and chilling telling of the ghost stories, the story about the headless horse rider. I mean these parts were written beautifully and really captures my attention. Other than that nothing.

BAD: Too short, and everything was very superficial. There wasn't any time or space for the characters to grow, and I mean, they were really, well stupid! I cannot believe Ichabod was such a wimpy character, who shivered from a fallen lief.  

OVERALL: I am very sad, that the this book was like this. I thought it will be amazing, scary and interesting and captivating and yet, it's an easy read, you can definitely read at a kid's party or something. 

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