11 September, 2018


Title: Snow Falling
Author: Davidson King
Series: Haven Hart Universe 1
Genres: Romance, LGBT
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release: November 29th 2017
Source: ebook
Pages: 166

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After running from a past destined to kill him, Snow has been hiding on the streets.

Tell nobody your name. Tell nobody your secrets. Trust nobody! These are the rules of the streets.

His entire life changes when he saves an eight-year-old boy from a violent end.

Christopher Manos is one of the most powerful crime bosses in the country.

Don’t ask anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself. Secrets can get you killed. Trust nobody! These are the rules he lives by.

When his eight-year-old nephew disappears, he never expects the boy’s savior to end up being his own.

A man with a dangerous past and a man with a dangerous future find love amidst murder and mayhem. But with Snow's life being threatened at every turn, will Christopher's best be enough to prevent Snow Falling?


EXPECTATIONS: The moment someone suggests me a crime book told from perspective of a criminal - I'm on it. Even thought I really did know that romance crime doesn't work. One genre will always mess up the other one. Either romance will be lame, or the gangsters will be ridiculous. But did I listen to my own advice from experience? No, no I did not.

THE WORLD: Snow has lived on the street for a while now, playing a petty criminal who mainly steals. Streets are ruled by gangs, scariest ones are those sent there by mafia families. No one's safe then and there, everyone's a target. Even little children. Or maybe especially little children, especially the ones who are all alone, and dressed in very obvious finery. 

CHARACTERS: Julian has died the day his father, an officer drowning in a bottle after his wife died, has given him up to the mobsters. He had many talents these people wanted, and his father had plenty of debts. They told Julian he's so pale, he blends right in with the snow. And that's how he introduces ever since: Snow. And even though life was hard for him, he still couldn't stand by and watch thugs from Russian Mafia kidnap a kid, no matter that the kid was alone and looked filthy rich. He interfered, assuming he'll pay the price for it. But he had no damn idea what that price will be, for the kid he saved turned out to be a nephew of a far bigger and badder boss, Christopher Manos. Chris loves his nephew as his own son, and takes care of him ever since his sister died. When his men drag in this pale guy, and claim he was somehow involved in protecting Simon, he's willing to repay. And then repay some more when Simon urges him to deal with the bad men who threatened his new friend Snow. All the fun starts here. Or lack thereof starts here. 

ROMANCE:  Chris and Snow hit it off fairly quickly, shifting gears from "I'm very interested" to "I love you" in what seemed a matter of a couple paragraphs. Which is perfectly fine with me, since it was clear from the start these were to be the intended Love Interests for each other.

GOOD: The two main characters, Chris and Snow, aren't stupid. Once they learn they can trust one another, they do just that, and don't try to follow a cliche plot of "I must push you away, because you're in danger with me" that is so common in this genre. And the plot, as weak as it was, didn't have any holes that I noticed. 

BAD: Ah, where do I even start? Okay, so. Every other character was a road-sign: there to ask the right thing, or say the right thing, so the main character could prove their own moral superiority. The plot was very thin, and revolved in action around kidnaps. Between the kidnaps, Snow would dance to Lady Gaga and get embarrassed whenever someone would walk in on him dancing in such a private place as the kitchen where whole household gets their food. I mean, who'd possibly guess, right?

OVERALL: It's my own fault I picked it up, swallowed it whole in one sitting, and am now mad about the fact I didn't like it. I knew how this mix works, and I proved myself yet again. The only truly good thing is that indeed the plot was solid written, if lacking in substance, so it gives me very fair hope, that author has it in them to write masterpieces. Meaning, I'm not giving up, I'll keep an eye on King.

What do you think about SNOW FALLING?



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