03 August, 2018

REVIEW: BREED by Niki Cluff

Title: Breed
Author: Niki Cluff
Series: Breed #1
Genres: YA, Fiction
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Release: August 3rd, 2018
Source: Kindle Edition
Pages: 264

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BLURB: A comet is set to destroy Earth, but Kyle Singer is determined to survive.

Tired of being treated like a second-class citizen thanks to her perfect brother, Kyle doesn’t think twice when offered the opportunity to attend an academy formed to stop the comet. It’s not like there’s going to be much left after the comet hits, anyway.

She's drugged, shipped off to the school, and thrown into a relationship with Ichiro Seung-hun, an exchange student from South Korea. The school isn’t just about stopping the comet. It’s a breeding program for after the comet hits and wipes out the human race. Terrified of becoming a baby-making factory, Kyle and Ichiro will do whatever it takes to escape.

EXPECTATIONS: I received an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Niki! By the way the book is out TODAY so don't miss it!

THE WORLD: Our normal world but a giant comet is approaching Earth. Several pieces already hit Earth and destroyed Asia. Apocalypse is about to happen and even though people are trying to go and about their normal lives, they are all lost and don't really know what to do.

CHARACTERS: The main character is Kyle Singer. She lives her normal life, is a senior in High School, argues with her mom because their parents love their son, Brandon, more than they care about Kyle (who even does that? bad family), etc. Kyle doesn't think she will survive the asteroid hitting Earth until she takes a special test. It's revealed that test was sent out in order to choose who would go to an academy for the most talented teens/young adults on Earth. They are the future, the ones who could deviate the asteroid. She meets and is paired with a South Korean-Japanese boy, Ichiro Seung-hun, who survived the Asia massacre because he was an exchange student in USA when it happened. They must work together, they're told, in order to find a solution to the asteroid hitting Earth. But the academy is not what it seems and they soon discover they are only there for breeding so that humanity is not completely lost. And so the escape begins with the help of only a few people who they could trust...

ROMANCE: There is a bit of romance and it's straight forward. Very predictable but at least is not a love triangle, thank goodness.

GOOD: So good things that I liked where the main characters and the flow/pace of the book. I really liked the two main characters, Kyle and Ichiro, I think they were very sensible and much more well developed than the rest of the teens in the breeding program. They had a strong voice as lead characters and I liked the secondary characters too.

The book is quite short and maintains a good pace. It doesn't have many intense highs and lows (until the end) but it does the job and keeps you entertained while reading.

BAD: Some bad things... hmm I think the other teens should have been more touched upon because they give the reader the feeling that they are flat as a cardboard although in a couple of scenes you can see they have much more to offer. Their backgrounds are not detailed. Maybe they will be described more profoundly in the next books? It could be.

Another thing is that the plot itself is pretty standard. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, definitely not the worst I've seen but it didn't have anything that stood out either. The elements used were pretty basic. If anything I would say it stayed in the safe-zone but since it's a debut book I think it might have been the right choice and it can always be improved in the next books.

OVERALL: 3.5 stars. It might not be a memorable book but it was pretty enjoyable and I didn't have any big issues with it. I am looking forward to reading the next books as I liked Breed enough to care for the fate of the characters and get to know what happens next. Recommended for teens and young adults. Get your copy now!

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