06 August, 2018


Happy Monday friends! I hope you packed light and got some party clothes, cause this Monday we are one more embarking on a journey!

So today we are in Great Britain and we will explore:


British poet Warsan Shire: 
Warsan Shire FRSL (born 1 August 1988) is a British writer, poet, editor and teacher, who was born to Somali parents in Kenya, east Africa. In 2013 she was awarded the inaugural Brunel University African Poetry Prize. Her words No one leaves home unless/home is the mouth of a shark, from the poem Conversations about Home (at a deportation center), have been called a rallying call for refugees and their advocates. Shire uses not only her own personal experiences but also the experiences of people to whom she is close. Shire's poetry featured prominently in Beyoncé's 2016 feature-length film Lemonade. 


I think I brought the war with me
on my skin, a shroud
circling my skull, matter under my nails.
It sits at my feet while I watch TV.
I hear its damp breath in the background
of every phone call. I feel it sleeping
between us in the bed. It lathers
my back in the shower. It presses
itself against me at the bathroom sink.
At night, it passes me the pills, it holds
my hand, I never meet its gaze.


Hey guys, I just wanted to share one more poem by this amazing young poet!

How wonderful it is to come across such a talented young lady, that speak the words of your own soul? 

Beautiful, don't you think?

See you next Monday!


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