27 October, 2017


5 Halloween games to set the mood right!

Only 4 days till Halloween!

5. Secret World Legends (MMORPG): Secret World Legends, formerly known as The Secret World, tells a Lovecraftian story of our world being ravaged by monsters, and secret societies attempting to either repel them, exploit the situation, or mitigate. You start the game in a dream, where divine powers of good and evil try to give you advice on how to make the best out of the situation you’re about to be thrown into. Either way, you now serve the Elder God, and are presented with magical powers. The last thing you must do to seal your fate, is choose which secret society will help you navigate the world full of beings from folklore, fairy tales, and myths. And trust me, you will need help, for not all monsters are obvious.

4. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (Action RPG): VtM is a piece of cult by now. Yet, as wonderful as it is, Bloodlines is currently still the last game we have in this endless setting. You begin by witnessing your own death and rebirth as a vampire in your chosen clan. Your master gets murdered before your eyes, due to taking you into the dark side without a permission of the local prince, and from that moment on your life, your survival, depends solely on your ability to figure out whom you can trust. For everyone will try to use you. And most do feel like you don’t belong. For the prince had an agenda, leaving you alive, everyone knows he’s not that kind and merciful… Making you the one not to be trusted! It’s a great game, and your choices will matter. The clan you choose will determine how you'll interact with the world around you, and how the world will react to you. The people you help will decide what future holds for you, them, vampire race, the world... So choose wisely!

3. American McGee’s Alice (Action, Adventure, Horror): Everyone knows at least the semblance of Alice’s story, no matter whether you’ve read the books, or saw some movie or two. But not many know the darker stories underneath the wonders, white rabbits, and red painted roses. Alice is an orphan, her family dead in a blaze some time ago, leaving her with the survivor’s guilt, and broken mind, which ultimately sends her into an asylum to suffer abuse and gruesome treatments. But it’s not only Alice’s world that broke. Wonderland is ravaged by the ruthless, heartless Queen of Hearts, and White Rabbit has no choice, but to come summon Alice in hopes this tormented girl will be able to fight her demons, and those that walk the beautiful lands of Wonderland too. Amusing, and yet scary adventures begin, with Alice fighting her way through Queen’s lackeys, in attempts to save Wonderland, and save herself.

2. A Vampyre Story (Adventure): Mona De Lafitte is a gorgeous opera student. Being a charming woman with a great talent, she soon becomes a mad obsession of a fairly lame vampire who kidnaps her, turns her into a vampire too, and locks her up in his castle in Draxsylvania. The game is more or less you playing Mona, trying to escape and fulfill your dream to become an opera singer! There’s lots of beautiful sights and funny moments in this game, and the amusing artwork style is definitely a good set for Halloween mood.

1. Ghost Master (Puzzle, Strategy, Simulator): And finally, my very, very favorite Halloween game of all times. This game works much like Sims, but you’re an actual master, watching from above. Watching over your ghosts, yes! You get a set of ghosts and spirits, and can find many more to unlock, and receive many recruits for work well done at the end of every level too. With a team of your best of the best, you’re given a task from someone above, I guess, probably a bigger and badder ghost (not for long, eh?), and you’re to perform! In every building there’s certain amount of people. You either have to scare them all out, or only specific ones. Sometimes you have to scare specific ones, without anyone else noticing you. But that’s not all, no. You’re not doing this just for fun! You’re working to gain as much plasma as you can, for there’s one respected, powerful being trapped just outside the plane of Earth, and YOU, Ghost Master, can have a hand in helping it come into this world! And then, may they all live long in fear!



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