28 October, 2017


Today we will go through movies
 to watch during Halloween week:

Only 3 days till Halloween!

Halloween is our favorite holiday here in the blog and boy oh boy do we love Halloween movies. 
So below you will find suggestions of all movies to watch during the Halloween week!

Practical Magic

This movie is one of my favorite of all time, not only because it has two of my beloved actresses in it but because it's just so sweet and nice! 
It's funny, it's romantic, it's scary it's magical, what can you need more right?
The story is filled with twists and tricks and I can promise you one thing: you will never look at a broom, or spilled salt the same way ever again!

Hocus Pocus

This is a classic! I do not know a person who would not know this movie. I mean it guys, this one will forever be known as a Halloween classic that will live on forever and ever!
The story is about three witch sisters, that need to consume the youth from little children to remain young. They are hanged in their original lifetime, to protect the future kids, but as luck has it one Halloween they come back to life.

Sleepy Hollow

I'll just tell you this. I will literally watch anything by Tim Burton. His older movies speak to my soul, it fills me with all the right amount of feelings and I love him forever!
So Sleepy Hollow is a beautiful story about the Headless horseman, and Johnny Depp is wonderful in it!
The story follows a detective Ichabon Crane, who comes to the town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate  local murders. This is movie has it all: love, horror, cool background story, Johnny Depp and other very talented actors!

Corpse Bride

Another movie by Tim Burton, featuring a story about a young man named Victor who is so nervous of getting married, he accidentally marries a corpse!  
Watch it, you will not be sorry!


This is a little guilty pleasure of mine, since this is a film for children mostly, but I love it to bits! It's so warm, and cute and funny! And can you imagine a town where Halloween is forever? 

Trick 'r' Treat

Probably the darkest movie in the list. Really this is not for kids, this is a hardcore horror film with multiple plot lines and one is scarier than the other!

The Craft

A movie I also love to bits. About a group of friends who practice witchcraft to get powers and when they do all their dreams come true but....there is a price!

Edward Scissorhands

This one I will watch until the day I die!
You should too! It will also become a classic! 
The story is about a young man, Edward, who has been created by a professor (played by non other than Vincent Price himself! how cool is this?) who has scissors for hands because his father/creator died before giving him proper hands. Edward is discovered in the old house and from that moment his life changes forever!


Coraline is a movie based on a book by Neil Gaiman, and I think it's just adorable! It's very cute and snarky and has the right message to it's young audience! 
It follows Coraline's life when she and her parents move to a new apartment. She is absolutely bored until one day she finds a little door.

Let me know what other Halloween movies you watch, for I shiver with excitement to discover some new Halloween movies!



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