29 October, 2017


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Only 2 days till Halloween!

Has everyone checked out Buzzfeed Unsolved? If not you should because they go to some famous haunted places in America. It's fun to watch... also check out Stranger Things s2. And now, here we have the Top 5 most haunted places in the world! (no particular order)

Salem, USA

Starting with a very well known one. Salem... the famous Salem where the witch trials took place that ended up with 20 public executions (14 women and 6 men) and 5 more deaths (2 of which were infants) in prison. This case was classified as mass hysteria caused by religious extremism, false accusations, and isolationism. Naturally, it has been reported as one of the most paranormal places in the world and people have reported all kinds of paranormal activity at night.

Changi Beach and Hospital, Singapore

Strangely enough people have reported hearing screams and cries there. This beach holds a dark past as it is where thousands of Chinese soldiers died during the Sook Ching battle of the Second World War. Not only the beach but also the Changi Hospital is said to be haunted (as it is expected).

Bhangarh Fort, India

According to the legend Singhia (a black magic sorcerer) cursed the palace so that everyone's souls would stay there for centuries without rebirth. Paranormal activities reported are roofs that collapse every single time one is built in the houses (reason why no house has roofs) and people experiencing panic attacks and extreme anxiety. The government prohibited the entrance to everyone after sunset...

Edinburgh Castle, UK

Who would've thought? Edinburgh? Haunted? Yes, dear readers. A magnificent castle on top of a rocky crag... as many other castles it has been notorious for the deaths within, specially in the prison cells. People have reported paranormal hotspots in the cells, the South Bridge, and Mary King's Close (a disused street where quarantined victims of the plague died). Rumor has it one can hear the prisoners taken during the French 7-year war and the American War of Independence.

Aokigahara, Japan

Also known as The Suicide Forest. Partly due to the fact that it's such a dense forest and corpses can go unnoticed for years... it is said around 100 people per year successfully kill themselves there. It is also a naturally spooky and eerie forest with very twisted trees, natural caves, etc. If that's how it is during the day you can imagine how scared people could feel there at night... where every sound is possibly leading to your death.

That's it for today! I hope you learned of some new spooky places around the globe!



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