31 October, 2017


If you Halloween as much as we do we bet you have a special way of celebrating it too! So today we will share our little Halloween traditions.

Only 0 days till Halloween! 
Yessss it is finally HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. I in general really love spooky things, bats and just like Christmas decoration all year round for some, for me it is Halloween decorations. There is just something amazing about all the night creatures, magic and spookiness.

In Germany Halloween day and the day after are Bank Holidays so on Halloween day my friends and I usually get a lot of Halloween junk food, like a lot of it. I am talking bringing bags of Halloween food home for a week every day before Halloween. There just have to be so much Halloween snacks that I could stuff myself for the whole year till next Halloween. We then get into comfy pjs and put Halloween movies on. The must are Practical Magic and of course Hocus Pocus. These are just legendary Halloween movies. Often we add some other movies, like Nightmare Before Christmas for example. We however never watch horror movies, I am not much for being scared out of my skin. 

When I was younger my friends and I would also put on Halloween costumes, make very crazy Halloween food such as eye balls, cut off limbs and etc and have a super party over night. Not the let's drink and dance but more of spooky get together where we can all go crazy about the fact that it is finally Halloween! 

- Hannah

I love all holidays, cause I think every single one of them have something special about it and I have traditions for all of the holidays I celebrate. But Halloween has this special place in my heart because I grew up watching scary movies, reading scary books, creating scary world of my own, so over the years I also developed a few traditions of my own.

Scary movies are a must! Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus like Hannah said are Halloween classic! Then of course I watch basically everything Tim Burton created! I listen to Michael Jackson's Thriller all day on Halloween, I just love love love MJ and that song, I also have a Halloween playlist I made so I put than on as well.  

On Halloween I let my inner witch/vampire monster come out and I always wear black or vermilion, I wear black or deep purple lipstick and have my hair long and straight. I say things like 'Blessed be Child' or 'Tormented be thy soul' in a low voice to creep my friends and co-workers out.
I also believe in good fortune, so on Halloween I always say a chant or spell for good fortune for the entire world and my family.

Due to the influence of Practical Magic, and numerous ghost stories I also follow some superstitions. For example: if a broom falls, expect company, if you drop a knife - the visitor will be male, if a fork - female. If you spill salt, throw it over your left shoulder. If a black cat crosses your path, thank her for the good fortune, if you say something and you don't wish for that to happen knock on wood three times and many others.

And of course, I always wait for the ghost of my beloved departed people to came and visit :) 

- Martyna

There's no better thing about Halloween than those lovely classic witch movies. Per se I'm not a movie person, but hey, when it comes to Hocus Pocus - I'm down for repeats. Add some caramel candy to the pot, and I'm happy.

During the whole month I try my best to read appropriate books, which isn't always easy, and wasn't always a tradition, but for the past couple years - I've been good at it. There's no shortage of books on Dracula, lucky for me!

And then, if I feel lacking, there's a whole load of video games. Those come in co-op's, so it's fun when friends join the spookiness and horror! Again, lucky me, no shortage of gamer friends.

Tho I think my favorite part and tradition of Halloween is postcards. I paint my own, and send them out to friends. Sometimes the original little paintings, no bigger than A5, other times - a well printed scan. Or this year - just digital copies, due to preference to not print things on paper, and many friends agreeing to this. Many feel bad when they have too many postcards and have to throw them out or store them away, and a digital copy can always be saved in the depths of the Hard Drive, with no one feeling the worse for it!

- Nosferatu aka Quinn



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