24 October, 2017


With Halloween fast approaching today we excitingly open the Seven Days of Halloween week! 

And we kick it off with nothing less than Halloween Reads!

Only 7 days till Halloween!

Horror and Mystery Books


I just had to go with Stephen King in this one.
Pet Sematary, The Shining and Carrie will always be my childhood favorites that I am never ever gonna stop recommending. I think they have an awesome story and settings and they don't necessary have a very happy ending. 

Sleeping With the Light On Short Stories


Again I will go with Stephen King. Children of the Corn is to blame for my forever fear of corn mazes and Night Shift is a collection of many scary short stories such as Boogeyman, Graveyard Shift and The Ledge. Highly highly recommend if you think you cannot go for long scary novels.

Forest Darkness Hides Monsters Books


How many times you found yourself in the big forest alone listening for creepy sounds? These dark YA tales don't just listen, they actually are full of dark forests and monsters living inside them. 

Spooky Graphic Novels


Monsters, Ghosts, Witches, talking cats and what not. You will find everything in these scary but fantastic graphic novels. 

Halloween Middle Grade Books


I am not a big middle grade reader but The Graveyard Book and The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding are my number one Halloween reads. They both have such an amazing setting that you will wish it was Halloween every day. 



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