19 August, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today HannahCassie and I will complete this fun tag:


I'm pretty sure that there is such tag out there somewhere, and this is not really original, but hey it sounds fun, and you are more welcome to join in and fan-girl/boy with us!

So in this tag we will present you with our ultimate Fandoms!

The ones we can't live without, the ones we need in our lives, the ones that make us believe in the thing called love and eternity and every other mushy thing you can imagine!

Forgive us, for me are blind and loyal to our couples!

Martyna Fandoms

Hermione and Draco from Harry Potter

Yes yes, Hermione and Ron forever, I know, I know, but you guys! 
To me Hermione and Draco, had such chemistry, such heat between them, that I just call them my wasted potential. The on going banter between them, they were so different, so not in tune that it would have been perfect if they gotten together. I actually really hoped they will with each book, but when it didn't happen and she ended up with Ron, I dead a little. Also I did not like Draco's storyline. 
Well in any case, I am a hardcore shipper of the fanfiction couple!
 Dramione 4eva! (yes, I gave them a name)

Fanmade video here

Elena and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries

I am a total Stelena girl (in both TV show and books). The thing she had with Damon was a crush, a bad boy faze and Elena and Stefan are end game. Soulmates, heart-mates and every mate you want! I'm a total shipper of them, more in books I think, because I just like their characters in books more.
Stefan and Elena ALL.THE.WAY!

Fanmade video here

Clary and Jace from The Mortal Instruments

I have only read two books in the Mortal Instruments series, however, I have been in this fandom since before anyone even spoke of a movie or a TV show for them. Therefore, my Clary and Jace are not the typical couple you would see. I have watched the movie simply because Lily was in it, and I refuse to watch the TV show because to my mind it just butchers any good aspect of the books, therefore to me Clary and Jace are these two people, whom I absolutely nerd out over! Ask HannahCassie, she was a witness to my obsession!

Fanmade videos here and here

Jon Snow from A Song of Ice and Fire

In this case I am so far gone into the fandom that you wouldn't find me even if you looked for hundreds of years! I'm just gone! And I am NOT coming back!
He is everything to me, and I do mean everything! His beautiful face has taken over my phone and laptop screensavers and his beautiful soul has taken over mine!
p.s. I am also very deep into Rhaegar and Lyanna fandom. Also gone deep!

Favorite video here

Klaus and Hayley from the Originals

I also have to mention couple of my TV fandoms. I actually don't have many of them. But one of the most hardcore ones, that I would spill blood to see happen are Klaus and Hayley together!
I ship them from season 1, I want to see them together so much, that I have screamed at my TV numerous times! I also call them wasted potential, because I believe the creators just missed their key with this one. Maybe they didn't expect people to like them together so much. But on screen these two actors have amazing chemistry and that makes the characters work together perfectly! It's a real shame for all of us Klayley lovers our there!
But still they have my heart always!

Favorite videos here and here

Michael and Alex from Nikita

The same goes for these two - Michael and Alex! I truly believe that the creators just didn't though that these two characters would take over the show the way they did. I mean, I didn't even cared about Nikita, all I wanted to see was Michael and Alex, just the two of them and I know people (Yes, Yes you!) who just like me, would watch fanmade videos of them, talk about them nonstop and just be blown away of how much chemistry they had!
Malex is my heart for all times!!!!

Favorite video here

Bella and Edward

Now let me tell you a story. It's 2016-2017, I am sitting at my computer, writing in one of the couple forums I was a part of and I came across a word - Twilight. I go read, ask around, people send me few scanned pages and suddenly, I find myself in this weird place called Forks with this girl Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward. Now I have to admit, I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, Angel was my number 1 boyfriend for years so I just couldn't get over that I have found something like that again!

Of course no one even talked about the movie when we were all talking about what actors should play Bella and Edward and I have to admit I had a very different Twilight world created for myself. So lastly, I would like to present you with a 'trailer' that has my perfect Edward and Bella, a fanmade video that till this day makes me so happy and gushy inside!


HannahCassie Fandoms

Dimitri Belikov & Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy
If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.

Rose and Dimitri I think are my lifetime fandom, I loved them so much when I discovered the books back in my teen years. I'll forever have watery eyes whenever I remember that horrible line 'I set off, off to kill the man I love.' Also because of Dimitri I wanted to travel Russia and basically at some point was even listening to Russian music. And lately I rediscovered this fandom and am obsessed with Zanila, I think they are my ultimate Dimitri and Rose. You will see this in my upcoming book haul but I actually rebought all the books and even got the movie, I just I cannot deal, omg omg omg

Aaron Warner
Please Don't Shoot Me For This

I think Warner is my number two obsession that follows right after Dimitri. I just cannot image my life without him in it, and the fact that there will be three more books in the series is just
well March cannot come fast enough. I have never met anybody like Warner in any of the books up till now. Also this picture...let's just say I see it on multiple time every single days for about a year now...yes it is my phone wallpaper.

Manon Blackbeak
Wrong kind of witch.

The reason I pretty much will always love Sarah J Maas and stand up for her. Tho I did not read EoS and already hate the turn Manon's story takes but up till then she is my ultimatly one of favorite female characters if not the favorite. I am planning to mark all her chapters so I can go and reread her story on its own. She is just so perfect and also I think my Manon looks exactly like Natalie Dormer. I mean I cannot look at Natalie without seeing Manon. I just cannot. 

Damon & Bonnie
And if anything ever happened to you I would lose my mind. So yes Bonnie I do know how long 3 seconds are. 

I have never cared bout the show but when I first read the short story how Damon and Bonnie met...it was just IT for me. The little red bird. I love Damon and Bonnie, especially as Ian and Sophie. And I know I am not the only one because if you type Damon/Brooke in youtube you will get hundreds and hundreds of fanmade videos. There is just so much passion and emotions and while looking at my old videos for you I rediscovered Under and my oh my, let's just say that by now I have watched it more than double digits in a row. I just love them so much, absolutely perfect together. Nothing and I mean it, nothing in whole TVD series history has ever had this much emotion buried and chemistry as Damon and Bookie. I am loosing my mind over this fandom right now...

Best Video Here and Here

Lucas Scott & Brooke Davis
Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want. Everything you want. Do you have it? Good. Now believe in it. With all your heart.

Let me just say that One Tree Hill has raised me. I was so attached to the show that last few season, no matter how average they were, I was crying all the time. Be it happiness, be it sadness be it laughing I was just full of tears, this is how much it meant to me. Also Lucas Scott was my first love I think. My friend has given me OTH quotes for my bday as well as I had a sleeping tshirt that had OTH on front and CoB on the back. I had posters and fanfics and omg what not. This was my ultimate TV obsesion for sure and despite having many more I think this was the one show in my life and especially OTH made me the person I am today. 

OTH Forever Intro

Lucrezia & Cesare
Impossible loves.

This obsession I would say is the most recent and that is for few years now. Well not really, the show aired in 2011 for the first time so it would be now 6 years that I am obsessed with Lucrezia and Cesare. I don't really care about their family relationship and I don't like books about them but this show...it was everything to me and this picture has been my facebook header for years. Lucrezia and Cesare forever!

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let us know what is your ultimate fandoms!


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