20 August, 2017


Title: Do Not Disturb
Author:  A.R. Torre
Series: Deanna Madden #2
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Adult
Publisher: Redhook
Release: 2015
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 352

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1. Don't leave the apartment.
2. Never let anyone in.
3. Don't kill anyone.

The rules were simple and I broke them.
Now I must face the consequences.
Everyone else must face me.

EXPECTATIONS: I have read the first book Girl in 6E about half a year ago and really loved it. It was fresh, different and well not what I expected. So I think it is really not a big surprise I went back to the series and picked up the second book of the trilogy.

THE WORLD: Deanna lives in a completely ordinary world just like we know it. There is no supernatural in there but we do have to see a different side of our world, at least to me. Deanna is a cam girl which means is does not need to leave her apartment to make money. Why? Because she is also a psychopath who has an urge to kill people.

CHARACTERS: As we are pretty much set in close space of Deanna's apartment it is no surprise she is our main character. In first book Deanna was a bit shy and super careful. However, after what happened in the first book she is now more relaxed, more in control and more daring. She leaves her apartment, even dates another person and not over internet. I can really see how much she has grown. Tho that having said it is not one of those books that have the psychopath suddenly healed of the urges just because they are surrounded by sorta normal and healthy environment. No, Deanna still has her urges and her slips but she is dealing with it and maybe it doesn't always work but that just makes her human.

ROMANCE: As I mentioned Deanna is actually now in a healthy relationship which makes me really smile. She absolutely deserves it!
GOOD: Let me just tell you that for about a year some time ago I was really into criminal behavior and because of that I have read many case books as well as biographies of series killers. It is disturbing but it was the best way to satisfy my interest in it without changing my major again. I still really much have an interest and hands down I have no idea why I don't read as many books on this topic anymore given that I do have them. Maybe it is time to go back. Anyways what I wanted to say was that this book really well explored Deanna as a psychopathic killer. I don't call her a series killer because for that she has to kill a certain amount of people. But she does resemble all the traits that serial killers have which made this book even more interesting for me. So if you feel like you interested in why some people have an urge to kill but are too worried about approaching real nonfiction books I think this book would be perfect for you, it does touch all the traits but in the end you still know this is all fiction.

Also Deanna is a cam girl and in first book we had some explicit details but what I really loved was that in this book author does not repeat it. It is not a book about what cam girl does, we were introuced into Deanna's work and what it means in first book and that is it.

Aannnnnnd the third amazing thing about this book is how it portraits stalking. I mean damn today's society really does not care about their safety. What internet allows is so scary, ultimately any person can know as much about you as you know yourself and more. And it's not just super good hackers, all you need to know to get the information is out there, all the tutorials everything....it's so damn scary and this book really shows it. Do not forget that not everybody out there are nice people, there are plenty of creeps that might know all about it so when you share something always have that in mind, you are not just sharing things with your friends, you are giving it all also to the creeps and the security online...I think it is no surprise that online security often is compared to banana in your hand as gun.

BAD: Nothing really. I loved the book.

OVERALL: I really love this series, it gives you a really nice dose of horrible reality without additionally giving also nightmares of making you too paranoid. The only reason I did not give this book 5 stars was because in first one I was wowed by the idea where now the idea just continued. It is in no way bad, but I felt that would not be fare for both books if I gave same rating without having same feeling.

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