30 June, 2017


Title: Blood Canticle
Author: Anne Rice
Series: Vampire Chronicles #10
Genres: Paranormal, Classics, Gothic
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback
Release: 2004
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 400

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Lestat is back with a vengeance and in thrall to Rowan Mayfair. Both demon and angel, he is drawn to kill but tempted by goodness as he moves among the pantheon of Anne Rice's unforgettable characters. Julien Mayfair, his tormentor; Rowan, witch and neurosurgeon, who attracts spirits to herself, casts spells on others and finds herself dangerously drawn to Lestat; Patsy, country and western singer, who was killed by Quinn Blackwood and dumped in a swamp; Ash Templeton, a 5,000 year old Taltos whose genes live on in the Mayfairs. Now, Lestat fights to save Patsy's ghost from the dark realms of the Earthbound, to uncover the mystery of the Taltos and to decide the fate of Rowan Mayfair. Both of Anne Rice's irresistible realms - the worlds of Blackwood Farm and the Mayfair Witches - collide as Lestat struggles between his lust for blood and the quest for life, between gratification and redemption.

EXPECTATIONS: Previous book Blackwood Farm was best book of Anne I have ever read. Well I am not gonna lie, Blood Canticle was the worst shit I have ever read probably in my life. I know I know I am being not really nice but declaring a book worthless shit but try reading it. Worst thing ever, just thinking about it makes me want to shake as somebody have puked on me. 

THE WORLD: Yes Lestat is back. But wait do you remember that Stuart's Lestat we all loved in Queen of The Damned movie? Well forget that. Lestat is a pissy whiny teenager with leather pants and motorcycle by his side. Gone is the historical world of Vampire Chronicles. We are somehow transformed into a really bad erotical novel that are sold in gas stations for one dollar. I am sorry if I sound harsh but this book robbed me of my precious time and forever ruined Vampire Chronicles for me.

CHARACTERS: I am ashamed of ever liking Lestat, really. Or maybe I just like that Lestat Tom and Stuart created. Anne's beloved Lestat? No way. You can have him all and more. How did Anne managed to turn Lestat into pissy drama queen is beyond me. I am really out of words here. Lestat is now this typical arrogant bitchy I am everything character we all hate in these teenager tv shows. I even wish Anne never wrote this book. 

ROMANCE: I will keep this review really short otherwise I end up swearing a lot. So yeah romance...more like me me me all about me. I do not consider this book as having any normal romance. Lestat imagines he is a center of the world and all must love him, that is the kind of romance we have. 

GOOD: Nothing. 400 pages of pure torture and brain washing. 

BAD:  The fact that I actually did not DNF this book. I was smart enough to do it with 5th book of the series...why oh why didn't I just stop. 

OVERALL: As I said I am keeping this short because really there is nothing beyond saying that this book is really not worth your time and I hope nobody is ever gonna lose their precious brain cells because of it. Do not pick it up, ever! 

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