08 June, 2017

Martyna's Book Haul!

Hi guys! It's been such a long time since I did a book haul, so today, let's dive in one and see what books I received and got and cannot wait to read!!!


 Tender is the Night - by F. Scott Fitzgerald. One of my colleagues is leaving the company and going back to her home country, so she kind of had this giveaway where people could have just picked books they liked. I picked this and another on by this author because I still want to give him a second chance. I did like The Great Gatsby, but not as much as it's praised around. So maybe this book will be the one!

 The Fen Wolf by Skomantas. I actually have read the first book in this series. This is something like a Baltic Saga about one noble family in the Baltic times in Lithuania. The author wanted to create these books as like the saga Scandinavian literature has. I did like the first one, so I just knew it was fate when I came into the library to get next books and the librarian lady was like, take them we are giving these books away! I just love to get books for free, especially books I wants!

 Blood Wedding by Skomantas. Another book in the Saga, telling a story about Junta, the daughter of a wealthy Baltic nobleman. The book is about her wedding, and the terrible horrors that came with it.

 The Blue Raven, was the third and last book I got for free from the library. I actually know almost nothing about this one. But I mean I do really want to read them all. I've been searching for a archaic, Baltic setting Lithuanian books, so this was like a revelation to me!

 The Last Tycoon. I know there's a show being made adapting this book, with my girl Lily Collins, but I want to read it before I start watching it. The only thing I know is that this book tells a story about how movies and shows were made and the inner world of Hollywood.

The last but not least is the Silva Rerum saga by Kristina Sabaliauskaite. This book is about another noble Lithuanian family The NorvaiĊĦos and the plot takes place in 17th century. This book is said to be written in a very unique wake, so  very intrigued to finally read it for myself and see what all the people are talking about!

Let me know what books did you recently got :)