17 March, 2017


Title: Writer's Retweet
Author: Piers Anthony
Series: -
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Publisher: Dreaming Big Publications
Release: August 13th 2016
Source: Ebook
Pages: 94

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Horrifying illusions. Classified government operations.
Heavily guarded secrets.
Cryptic rumors. Dangerous prisoners.
Irresistible passion. Demonic magic.

Piers Anthony weaves this and more into Writer’s Retweet, a collection of five short stories abounding in the adventure, magic, and naughtiness that fans have come to know and love from this author.

In “Experiment,” “Discovery,” and “Mission,” painfully average Bigelow Bilge and Paula Plaintiff are thrust unwillingly into a world fraught with terrifying, victim-specific illusions. Who—or what—is the source of these horrifying encounters? Why have Bigelow and Paula been targeted?

A newspaper reporter in “Dull Street Incident” gets wind of a delicious scandal rumored to have punctuated a stale suburban street. Menacing prisoners, conniving teenage girls, and one well-kept secret leads this reporter to the story of a lifetime. But who will believe it?

In “Forbidden Fruit,” dowdy, middle-aged Edith happens upon a mysterious fruit that completely alters her life—and the life of Kent, an attractive, young neighbor. Seduced by her newfound magical abilities and rediscovered sex appeal, Edith plunges into a world filled with demons, pleasure, and unthinkable risk.

This book was send to me for an honest review

EXPECTATIONS: In all honesty, I misread the name and thought it was writer’s retreat, so I thought this book will be about how to write a good book. Ups! Trust me this book is not that, this book is as unique as things are getting and if you like adventure you sure as hell should go on this one!

THE WORLD: The world in this book, or I should probably say, worlds are created in a very interesting way. At first it doesn’t seem like it’s the world we live in, because character end up in this weird, surreal, fantasy world, but then all of a sudden you realize that it is! It’s my world, and this character is living my life and if she can go and experience these adventures so can I!

This book is a combination of five stories in total. Three stories follow the same plot line, and other two are different. Now I have to tell you one more thing. Mr. Anthony, the author of this book, has tweeted all these stories on his twitter account. He tweeted as much as 140 symbols a day and all these stories are tweeted out, so this book is merely all these tweets put into a book format. I mean, how clever is that? Very! I applaud you Mr. Piers!

CHARACTERS: So the first three stories Experiment, Discovery and Mission follow the lives of Bigelow and Paula, who meet and realize that they are tortured and haunted by the same visions, or illusions, so they team up to solve this mystery and in the course of these short stories they fall in love, find their enemy, and beat it! Their story was fun, I enjoyed the visions part, because even though it was short I could imagine and visualize their hallucinations.

Dull Street Incident is a story about a reported who is so desperate for a good story, he find this rumor or legend that supposedly happened some time ago, and wants to publish it, but then as he learns more, he kind of realizes that he might hurt people or just cause unnecessary harm. I think this story kind of plays on the empathy and the right and wrong card. Also what is very cool, none of the characters in this story has names!

The last story, Strange Fruit tells a story about a woman Edith (love the name). In the story she moves into a new apartment, and find a flower or a plant there, she decides to water it and when it blossoms the plant exhales like gas or something and when Edith inhales them she gets superpowers. With these superpowers she explores a magical world and at the end is torn if between what is reality and what is not.

ROMANCE: There is romance between Bigelow and Paula in the first three stories.

GOOD: I liked the stories. I did. I was hooked, I thought they were interesting and funny and unique. I also enjoyed the fact that they were tweets!

BAD: As a novel lover I do enjoy long descriptions, the good quotable dialogue, I think that for tweets and to capture people’s attention to the authors work these stories do work, but on their own as individual stories, I think they need to be longer in order to really identify with the characters.

OVERALL: Overall, I liked it. It was something new to read and I really did enjoy these stories. The last one was my favorite and if ever it would become into a longer fiction work I would definitely read it!

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