18 January, 2017

Waiting on Wednesday: IDA by Alison Evans

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine. Today we are waiting for IDA by Alison Evans!

New paranormal release for WoW this week!

Publication date: January 30th, 2017
Publisher: Echo Publishing

How do people decide on a path, and find the drive to pursue what they want?

Ida struggles more than other young people to work this out. She can shift between parallel universes, allowing her to follow alternative paths.

One day Ida sees a shadowy, see-through doppelganger of herself on the train. She starts to wonder if she’s actually in control of her ability, and whether there are effects far beyond what she’s considered.

How can she know, anyway, whether one universe is ultimately better than another? And what if the continual shifting causes her to lose what is most important to her, just as she’s discovering what that is, and she can never find her way back?

'Ida' is an intelligent, diverse and entertaining novel that explores love, loss and longing, and speaks to the condition of an array of overwhelming, and often illusory, choices.

I gotta say I'm off the hook right now... I don't know what's going on in book community anymore. You can blame a master thesis for that but HannahCassie got an ARC of this new release and all I can say is PARALLEL UNIVERSES! Who doesn't like parallel universes? We definitely do.
I honestly have no idea what the book features apart from that but Hannah will let you know for sure so stay tuned ;)

Are you excited about IDA?