24 November, 2016


Title: Strange Angels
Author: Lili St. Crow
Series: Strange Angels
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Zombies
Publisher: Razorbill
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 292

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BLURB: In Strange Angels, Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called “the touch.” (Comes in handy when you’re traveling from town to town with your dad, hunting ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the occasional zombie.) Then her dad turns up dead—but still walking—and Dru knows she’s next. Even worse, she’s got two guys hungry for her affections, and they’re not about to let the fiercely independent Dru go it alone. Will Dru discover just how special she really is before coming face-to-fang with whatever—or whoever— is hunting her?

Okay so this book was another one on my TBR that has been there since beginning of times. So yeah, with the end of the year I am trying to clean up my TBR and read the books that I once had interest in. 

THE WORLD: I must be honest here, this world has reminded me a lot of Alice in Zombieland. Basically you have again everything here: zombies, vampires, demons and what not. Also we concentrate on the girl traveling around with her dad and when he gets killed 'bad boys' get tagged along...

CHARACTERS: So the main lead is called Dru and is yet another teenager traveling with her hunter father. She changes schools every few months, has bad manners and in general is a loner. Again, ring any bells? But yeah. Frankly I prefer Dru in this case, she is sure annoying at some times but in general I think she was written much better. Or maybe I am just immune to teenager POV by now. Well whichever is the case I kinda like Dru. Next we have some boys, frankly I need to go look up their names...yeah that insignificant they were. Okay so one of the guys is names Groves I think, a bad boy at first glance...but actually just a poor kid trying to get himself through high school. I have to say, this one was rather okay, as you already noticed not exactly memorable but yeah...

LOVE: So there is of course some romantic teenager crushes but thank god its not the point of the story.

PLUS: I don't even really know. When you compare to Alice in Zombieland this book was way better but I cannot really pinpoint why exactly. Maybe just less whiny.

MINUS: It's just another teenager book. Maybe if I read it years ago I would have thought differently but now reading it as an adult it's just not enough to catch my interest.

OVERALL: So yeah basically I read it it was fine and I will not be continuing with the series. I am way too old for this kind of teenager stories. 

What do you guys think about STRANGE ANGELS?