04 November, 2016


Title: Blood Bank
Author: Tanya Huff
Series: Vicki Nelson #6
Genres: Fantasy, Crime, Fiction
Publisher: Little Brown
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 336

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SYNOPSIS: It began with a ghost in his bedroom. A tormented soul hungry for vengeance, The sort of nocturnal visitation that even a five-hundred-year-old vampire like Henry Fitzroy found tiresome. It would lead Vicki Nelson, PI, into her most deadly investigation yet.

The wraith is determined that Henry and Vicki track down its killer - and is prepared to use a little persuasion by way of the innocent inhabitants of Toronto to ensure their support. Forced to investigate, Vicki discovers a host of souls in desperate torment and evidence to suggest that trailing the killer will only lead to further deaths - starting with her own.

It is time to finish the series and say goodbye to all amazing Tanya Huff characters.

THE WORLD: Now I would say it is same as in previous books but because Henry and Vicky are basically two different stories now we get a lot of Henry's part so yes we get to see all fancy times of Inquisition. Other than that, it's completely paranormal: vampires, werewolves, giant blood sucking bats and all that.

CHARACTERS: Vicki stays our main character till the end. Frankly now that I look back at the whole series she really developed throughout the story. And I do not mean it as she became a vampire. She just really became a person I like and just I don't know maybe it is because I got really used to her that now I enjoy reading about her of it's amazigness of Tanya Huff but yeah bottom line, I did not like Vicki in first book much but now I really enjoy her craziness and am absolutely sad she won't be part of my reading life anymore. Next of course we have Henry, frankly I don't even know if you can call Henry a side character in this instalment. He had a completely different story line from Vicki's and I guess if you are a fan of Vicki/Henry couple this is a huge disappointment because no the end game is not Vicki and Henry. There is this thing as two vampires cannot be in love because of territory and all that. Well I love Tanya Huff for sticking with it rather than making a cheese story of forbidden love. And now we go to my favourite, Mike Celluci.....Mike....ah.....So he is sorta a side kick of Vicki's by now as well as her lover. I don't really know why I love Mike this much but yeah...he is just the type of man I would love to have as a friend, yes I must admit I don't feel romantic attraction towards him but as a friend...yes please!

LOVE: As I already spilled it the end game is Vicki and Celluci, actually a serious relationship as in the end Vicki even overcomes the problem of having to join Mike's parents on Christmas.

PLUS: Good old Vicki and Mike are always fun to read about.

MINUS: Now this book felt a little bit weird in comparison to the rest of the series and I think it was mainly because of this separate story lines of Vicki and Henry. In a way it felt like I was reading two books at once. But that is about it.

OVERALL: Will always have warm memories about this series! If you are into vampires and detectives then go ahead and read it, you will def enjoy it!

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