11 November, 2016

Martyna's Autumn Book Haul

Happy Friday fellow readers!
Today I ask you to join me in discussing books I received this Autumn. I say Autumn, but honestly, I think I got all these books during October.

Nevertheless, I am really exited about all these books, I am happy to have them, read them and discussing them with all of you! So without any further ado, let's see what bookish adventures awaits!

Let me just quickly mention that the books are displayed in no particular order, just randomly taking them and speaking about them one by one:

1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern - Recently, I have really been into circus/carnival theme, simply because it reminds me of the Victorian Era. So I while I was finishing up with Water for Elephants I came across this particular one and found the entire book on YouTube! Marked it and it went to my must listen list immediately. The book is about this magical circus and carnival that comes to town and is open only during the night, and the plot takes place in Victorian London so sold!

2.Salt To The Sea by Ruta Sepetys - Is another book by the brilliant author Ruta Sepetys, who also wrote Between Shades of Gray. I saw this book in my local foreign language book store while I was looking for a present for Hannah so I couldn't just leave the book store without a copy. The book tells a story of four main characters and is set in a ship that they all thing will bring them happiness and new life. I actually didn't read anything else, or want to know anything else because I'm sure it's going to be filled with little beautiful moments that will make me cry my eyes out just like Between Shades of Gray did! Damn you Ruta for being this good! #Lithuaniansista

3. Evolution: Protectors of Earth by Shadow Cheah - I received this book to provide an honest review for it. Now I haven't actually started to read it yet but on the back it says that this book takes place in year 2415, where the planet has changed immensely. Due to some nuclear disaster humans and animals have evolved and now it's up to them to stay alive and safe the world. I am actually a huge science fiction lover. I enjoyed Star Trek, Babylon 5, BattleStar Galactica, Star Wars. I just like to read about space and what other living things and creatures might be out there and what future looks like for humans. So I have high hopes that this book is going to be a good  pick to expand my sci fi knowledge and hunger.

4. Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan - This book was also sent to me for an honest review by the publishers. This book basically follows the story of a high school student who is slowly exploring and discovering her sexuality when a new girl transfers to her school. I actually am almost done with this book, and I have thought about this book, some are bad, some are good but in general I'm enjoying the read.

 Yup so only 4 books this time, but I am very happy about them, they are really divers and different, and different is beautiful I think :)  So cannot wait to get into every single one of them and then talk, discuss and share them with you!

Have a great weekend you guys and keep on reading and dancing!