09 August, 2016


Title: Vincent, Survivor
Author: O. L. Eggert
Series: Vincent series #1
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: O. L. Eggert
Source: Kindle Edition
Pages: 270

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SYNOPSIS: Vincent Li always assumed he’d die in Oakwood. If the local gangs didn’t get him, then cigarettes and alcohol eventually would.

Now, he’s pretty sure minotaurs will kill him instead, and if not them, the ghouls dragging people into the dark will.

In the wake of an unexplained spike in homicides, a masked figure opens portals to another world—a world filled with dangerous magic and mythological monsters. Creatures that shouldn’t exist suddenly do, and they don’t mix well with humans. Vincent is trapped in Oakwood as the city is torn apart, but he’s no stranger to violence and will do whatever it takes to survive.
I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I had been thinking about getting into urban fantasy lately so when the opportunity arrived I couldn't resist it and I actually liked this book so yas! I'll read more urban fantasy in the future.

THE WORLD: It takes place in Oakwood (US) where the world was all normal until The Catastrophe happened, the day mystical creatures (like centaurs, sorceresses, minotaurs, etc) took over the world and starting killing humans.

CHARACTERS: The main character is Vincent Li, and he's an actual arse. Well, he can be. I tell you he's the type of boy you wouldn't want to be near around. He's problematic but he also has some good qualities for survival and he actually cares more for people than he would admit. At first I didn't like him much but the more I read the more I appreciated him... weird. Then, we have Vincent's brother, Dante, who was just like Vincent but his experience in jail changed him a bit –or so we'd like to think. My favorite character was the woman who took care of Vincent and Dante as kids, Grandma (she likes to be called like that). She is so cool and very interesting! I'm sad I didn't get enough of her story. Actually a lot of background is missing but I guess it will be revealed in the next books since this one is only the first. Another character is Elise, who is Grandma's granddaughter and she doesn't do much. I wasn't a big fan of her. Moreover, we have a peculiar character called Flea, he's a wizard (yeah fine) but he's a talking dog wizard (what?)! He's the smartest of all to be honest but he cannot help much because his powers don't work in this world.
Together, they have to unravel the plot behind all the creatures being able to access our world via the Gates and to find who is behind all this mess.

LOVE: There is no romance in the book. It's all about survival.

PLUS: The action and the pace! The book starts right away with action and fights which  I immediately liked. It's very easy to read and the language simple.

I also enjoyed all the creatures and the fantasy elements added to the story. And overall the characters were okay.

MINUS: I'm new to this genre so I cannot really compare this book to any others of the same kind... I might be wrong or it might be a characteristic of the genre but I felt like sometimes I could completely detach from the characters without losing anything. Deaths could happen and I couldn't bring myself to care enough. Maybe it's the downside to all the action happening.

OVERALL: 4 stars. I know it took me very long to read but it wasn't because I was not enjoying it! I had exams and then I went to a ballet intensive so I couldn't read much (if at all) but now I am more free, my apologies. I'm glad I started this new genre for me with this book.

What did you guys think about VINCENT, SURVIVOR?