21 June, 2016


Hello our dear fellow readers, 

Today I'm going to follow the footsteps of HannahCassie and do the Books That Made Me Cry tag. I present 5 books that made me cry, and give reasons why.

So please bear with me, take some tissues or put on some teary tunes and let's get started:

TOP 5 (-ish) CRY BOOKS

Okay, so I have to tell you one thing, I am a crier. Books, movies, songs even like a really good commercial gets me going for hours! And there are so many good books that made me cry and sob for hours and just be in denial or go back and re-read the parts again just to make sure I got it right the first time. But today I'll give you 6 (sorry for slipping one more book in, but I cannot not share it with you guys), books that left me speechless, heartbroken and just in complete shock leading to hours and hours of crying.

1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince/Brotherhood of Phoenix by J.K.Rowling (contains spoilers): Firstly, let me just tell you that Harry Potter has a special place in my heart. These books helped me to grow up, shape myself and always believe in magic. I mean guys, you have no idea (well I think you do actually), what Harry Potter means to me. When was a teenager, my friends and I had like a HP club where we like pretended to be in Hogwarts and like had wands and uniforms and stuff and it was literally the best time in my life. Even when I was older and had some stuff going on in my personal life or in school, I always would turn to these books. I own so much to Harry Potter that I will forever be in his debt. 

But there is one thing that I will never forgive J.K.Rowling for  - the deaths of Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black. Dumbledore was one of my favorite characters and I always looked  to him and tried to seek guidance in my life through the words he would tell Harry. I mean Dumbledore was like the ultimate professor I always dreamed of having in University...I can't even explain the connection I felt with Dumbledore and I remember reading the part in the book where gets killed and I remember I was in denial, I kept reading to see if they will magically bring him back or something and I was so upset, so angry when they didn't. I was a total mess after this. The same goes to Sirius, he was just so funny so great and you could tell that he really wanted to just finally live a happy life.

2.Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys: So I read book rather recently to be honest, and while I didn't enjoy the ending that much, I still loved this book and it made me cry so much, that the copy that I own it literally all soaked in my tears. So why this book made me cry so much? The story itself. If you guys don't know, this book basically follows the deportation of Lithuanian people to Siberia.

I will now tell you of a part in the book where I cried the most and if you feel like that would be a spoiler just move to the next book. So as I said it wasn't the ending that made me sad or cry but it was actually the beginning. There's a scene in this book where the main character Lina goes out and tries to find her father in one of the wagons they where all held in while they were being deported and her father gives her his wedding ring to give to her mother and says something like 'I won't be needing it anymore' or something like that and it hit me so hard that I called my dad after saying how much I loved him. I mean just the idea that this person actually realizes that he is going to die and not see his family again is so heartbroken that I just broke down.

3.Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: I recently put out a review for this book so make sure to check it out and also I mentioned in there how much I cried reading this book. And again I just have to repeat myself that even though I cried at the end, what really got me sobbing was the deep love and connection the two characters shared, it was just so beautiful, so selfless, really I mean I don't know a person who did not like or cry after reading this book. It was so simple, so fantastic and literally unforgettable.

4.A Time To Life And A Time To Die by Erich Maria Remarque: As you might know by now I really love historical fiction and Remarque is one of my favorite writers of all time. I read quite a number of his books and the thing I love about it is the way he portrays the war. You know he doesn't simply state that the Russians are bad or the Germans are bad, no. He shows the life of simple people, that had to suffer because the choices their government made. To be honest, I read this book a while ago but it still haunts me till this day. This entire book is rather a cry book because you get to see how people lived in Germany, how scary and devastating it was, but what got me badly in this book was a scene towards the end in a train station. That scene was so heartbreaking, because at that moment you realize that love will not win.
It left me crying hysterically I'm not even joking. If you haven't read this book yet please do.

5.Great Expectations by Charles Dickens:  This is actually one of my all time favorite books ever! And I just love it so much and I actually have a super awesome copy of it printed in the 1920's or so and it's absolutely beautiful! This book is actually filled with places and scenes where a tear might slowly run down your cheek, but what affected me so much was actually the simplicity of human kindness, that is seen in this book it really made grab for tissues. I won't spoil you anything but I will say this, what got me crying was two scenes between characters Pip, Abel Magwitch and a peace of pie.

6.Forest Of The Gods by Balys Sruoga: This is actually a Lithuanian book, written by one of the most famous Lithuanian authors ever and fun fact in like 1945 or something like that he was actually a professor at my university, yay Alma Matter! And this book apart from other two that I have read,is basically the most notorious book he has written. Trust me if you would ask any Lithuanian person about this book they would know who writer is and what it's about.

So it's basically based on the writers own life experiences as a prisoner in Stutthof Concentration Camp where he was deported by Nazis. As much as this book is filled with horrific scenes of how horribly people were treated and lived and how the word humanity slips out of your mind while you read it, this book is filled with funny scenes. I think I read somewhere that the only way for the writer to survive what was happening to him was to actually just look at it as a joke, with irony and sarcasm. But again even if you read the scene and it's described how they're having fun and eating well and dancing you know that this is sarcasm, that people were starving and had to endure beating and death every day. And while I cried a lot, again, what got to me the most was the little showings of human kindness, and the way the writer describes Lithuania. Just like Between the Shades of Grey book did, this book too hit really close to home. 

There you go, my friends, now you know how big of a cry baby I am, and what books made me cry the most. 

Let me know what books made you cry and maybe we can even share a tear or two together while discussing it!