02 May, 2016

MAY TBR of Laura

My apologies for being super absent on the blog during most of March/April :( I was very busy with studies and now I have a tiny "break" (meaning no exams or projects but I still have classes). I am planning on reading these 5 books for May: The Rose and the Dagger, A Gathering of Shadows, The Winner's CurseThe Secret Place, and The Healer!

I actually gave myself a heads-up because I finished AGOS in April lol and you'll get the review soon. I'M ALSO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT TRATD! I just got the book in the mail so I'll be starting it soon! Oh and I've heard wonders about The Winner's trilogy :D

Also, I am on vacation (visiting Ireland!) from May 1st to May 7th so everything will be queued. Have a great month readers!

Are there any books you want us to review in particular? If you'd like to suggest a book to Hannah and/or me to read for June please use the Contact Us tab above.