29 April, 2016

REVIEW: THE KING'S MEN by Nora Sakavic

Title: The King's Men
Author: Nora Sakavic
Series: All for the Game #3
Genres: YA, Contemprary, Romance
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Source: Kindle Edition
Pages: 370

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SYNOPSIS: Neil Josten is out of time. He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn't survive the year, but with his death right around the corner he's got more reasons than ever to live.

Befriending the Foxes was inadvisable. Kissing one is unthinkable. Neil should know better than to get involved with anyone this close to the end, but Andrew's never been the easiest person to walk away from. If they both say it doesn't mean anything, maybe Neil won't regret losing it, but the one person Neil can't lie to is himself.

He's got promises to keep and a team to get to championships if he can just outrun Riko a little longer, but Riko's not the only monster in Neil's life. The truth might get them all killed—or be Neil's one shot at getting out of this alive.
Third and last book of the series. Of course I was expecting a lot from this one because I loved the previous ones so this one had to be amazing and wrap everything up nicely!

THE WORLD: The story starts after The Raven King's events. Nothing has changed, the Foxes made quarterfinals and are on their way to semis and final against the Ravens.

CHARACTERS: Same characters as in the previous books. 

LOVE: We finally get some romance oh yeaaahhhh *cheers* I'm very glad that Nora took her time to build up this romance and finally got them together as a couple.

PLUS: It is very quickly paced and action packed. There is no scene I found boring or unnecessary! I actually wish the book was longer :(
I enjoyed Neil coming clear to all his mates and how in the end he trusted them and how protective the Foxes were of him. Aaww so cute.

MINUS: My only minus is that the end felt somehow loose? The main problems solve but there are no big explanations about it and I just wanted more information. I need all answers to all questions in detail!

UPDATE: I have found most answers in the author's Tumblr. You can check it here and delight yourself with the information you didn't know you needed but you sure wanted.

OVERALL: 4 stars. More like 4.5 stars but I cannot give it 5 (well in GR and in the blog I have to. There are no halves :/) because of those missing detailed answers... otherwise it was a great read! In fact it was so good I now want a 4th book (but will not happen) about the Foxes' next year and about the couple.

What did you guys think about THE KING'S MEN?