09 August, 2015

HUNGER GAMES: Why so serious?

We all have seen the Mockingjay Part II trailer hundred times by now but while we are still waiting for the last and final part to arrive I wanted to talk to you about Hunger Games trilogy in different way.

Under which genre do you put Hunger Games trilogy?

If you search Hunger Games on Goodreads you will see many genres under which this trilogy is categorized. Do you agree? Or is Hunger Games trilogy truly and absolutely a horror story? Because it is to me.

The story of Reaping itself is horrible but it is far from all when it comes to the story. The horrible creatures in the ring, the acidic mist...and I do not even have words when it comes to Mockingjay. The dead burned bodies in district 12, the terrible monstrous rats in the tunnels which we will see in final movie...I have read the books four or five years ago and I still remember these monsters! 
If one asked me to name one truly horror book I would definitely say Hunger Games trilogy. It is just so horrible when you think about it, so much psychological terror...and so much pain.

What do you guys think about Hunger Games as a story itself? Do you think it is terrifying enough that one could have nightmares? I do not personally dream anything from books I read but what about others? 

I love Hunger Games and that says it all but when it comes to really scary stuff it is also Hunger Games I think of. 

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  1. I think the reason it is so terrifying is because it could happen, it's a future society. I would put it under dystopian though. It's a society after our society has collapsed.

    1. In a way I agree tho when you think about how things are in some countries... I mean sure it's dystopia and way in the future but somehow terrifying nevertheless!

  2. I would say THG is YA, Dystopian... although The Capitol and their inhabitants resemble our society now a lot and that's what terrifies me the most.

    1. I know right!? It just has a really significant amount of similarities...