02 June, 2015

TBR: JUNE of HannahCassie

The month of June is gonna be not a month when I read much. You ask me why? Well first just like Laura I also have my Thesis to write and I am also finishing my placement. And well second...yessss I am moving back to Germany! But do not worry, the summer reading of July and August is going to be epic so I will catch up then. I post a list of book here I would like to read in June but please do not hold me to it as I might not get around all of them!


  1. I've only read three of the books on your TBR, but I enjoyed them all. I hope you love the books you read this month :)

  2. I do hope you get around to reading "Becoming Darkness." While it took some time to get it to this stage in the publishing process, I'm now reaping the benefits of all my hard work and accordingly excited to hear readers' impressions of what I've created. The positive reactions to what I've written have made the years of effort and the long wait well worth it.

    As a writer I'm always grateful to readers like you who show such passion and enthusiasm for books and help spread the word. You are such an essential part of any success a writer like myself may hope to achieve and I thank you for that.

    Keep up the good work!

    Lindsay Brambles