19 June, 2015

Summer Time!

“Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will” - John Green

Now, it has been officially two days I am back in Germany, muss ich vielleicht auf deutsch schreiben? Nein, mache nur ein SpaƟ. So far I am having a blast, eating the food I missed so much, reading books in the garden and playing League of Legends and Wii with my boyfriend! Therefore, I am going to be reckless and COMPLETELY disobey my TBR of JUNE! I will read what I want because it is just that time of the year, it is summer! And well there are so many books here that I just can pick different one for every day and every mood, whoop whoop!

My summer plans? Read read read all the books I want, travel bit with my boyfriend and just have pure fun!

What are your summer plans?