02 May, 2015

WRAP UP: APRIL of HannahCassie

Hey guys, so for the month of April I have set a total of 8 books to be read! If you have been following my progress you have probably noticed that the last book "All the Bright Places" sorta overlapped with first day of May. It is sad truth, I was stuck a little bit because of the reading slum and so it took me a few extra day to finish it. But now it is done and let's wrap up the books I have read and reviewed in the month of April!

TAAAADAAA! How many books have you guys read this month?


  1. if I may, how about you also put star ratings in these "wrap-up's"? :) because I can't recall a couple and thus will now have to go back and check :D
    Ah uh um... how many I've read? well... I mean... khem XD it's a secret...

    1. Great idea! I'll do that!
      And no no no, tell me! No secrets when it comes to books, except well guilty pleasures... :D