08 May, 2015


Title: Cursefell
Author: C. V. Dreesman
Series: -
Genres: Fantasy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc
Source: Kindle Edition
Pages: 112

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SYNOPSIS: The coastal town of Stonecrest is an isolated haven for nursing wounds and hiding secrets. It can cure a heart or crush it. When one girl's secret is revealed, a curse she does not even know she carries, the safe haven becomes her monstrous prison.
Seventeen year old Nathera Currey sees her curse as a death sentence, or at the very least a sentence of exile. But Thera has experienced death before and survived it. She has felt alone the last year of her life and endured that too. Accidentally uncovering her secret, she becomes the cold light of hope for some and a monster to be feared by others. If she wants to save herself and those she holds most dear, she will have to balance the scales of who she is against what she must become and life versus love.

This book was recommended by Floryie The traveloge of a book addict via the Challenge tab above and got chosen as read of the month. What made me choose it was that curse mentioned of the summary... I just had to know which kind of curse.

First, this book is soooooo short! It felt more like a short story than a book, seriously. For such a short book I felt like the beginning was a bit slow but then suddenly bibidi-babidi-bu out of nowhere everything happens! She almost dies, gets a boyfriend —a boy she never thought of before but who has been around her for months at least, the curse gets revealed, etc it's like a lot in such a small amount of text that it can be quite overwhelming. Other than that, the story has a hook. It has to do with mythology and for people (like me) who enjoy mythological creatures and stories it has an appeal to it that makes us want more. Sadly I haven't found the continuation... maybe it will come out eventually? I know there has to be another book at least, the end is too open to just finished it like that.

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  1. Yeah I am waiting for the next book too. Keeps fingers crossed. I can't wait to read more of their adventures.