07 April, 2015


Hey guys!
So today I decided to share with you my adventure "The paradise called Bookstore"!
I love reading books in English. I speak two more langauges but something about English just does it for me. I cannot enjoy the book much if it is not in English!
So now that I currently live in  UK again even if just for a few months I love to go on the Book Hunting Trip! So this month I visited a store which I have been passing in my bus and meaning to visit for a few weeks now! I must say I have visited it twice! 
So without further ado!


I adore Charaine Harris! She is such an amazing writer! I have read complete True Blood series and as you can see now I even own almost all the books of it (surely I have them all as ebooks)! Additionally I bought  "A touch of Dead" which is a collection of short stories of True Blood and "Shakespear's Trollop" which is a fourth book of Lily Bard series! 

On my second trip to the Bookstore as you can see I bought many YA books. AND as you can also see they all are book sequels in series! So yes, it means that I have a lot of series to get on!

Then it was also my mom's birthday coming and as always I just had to get her a book! So after very short considerations really I got her Gone Girl! My boyfriend bought it to me after I just loved the movie so below you can see a big and shiny new copy for my mom and the many times read copy of MINE! I just love that book, it is so so good!


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