01 December, 2018


Title: Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales
Author:  Joseph Jacobs
Series: -
Genres: Fairy Tales, Folklore
Publisher: Flying Chipmunk Publishing
Release: September 30th, 2009
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 176

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For untold generations in countless Irish cottages, in front of peat-fueled fires, some of the gayest, most fanciful, and most sparkling folk tales that ever caused young eyes to grow brighter and young hearts to beat faster were told. Fathers and mothers

EXPECTATIONS: I have always always always loved fairy tales. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember we had this huge book of old Lithuanian fairy tales, and let me tell you, they are not all birds dress the princess, prince kisses the death away, oh no! They are brutal and scary and the characters are almost never a part of royalty and they experience so many crazy things. But I also love the more beautiful fairy tales of princesses and all that. I also have been very into Celtic folklore ever since school, when my cousin moved to live in Ireland, so picking up a fairy tale of Celtic original felt right.

THE WORLD: The world is filled with goblins and ghouls, and mermaids and witches and talking animals and it actually feels very similar to the Baltic folklore.

CHARACTERS: This set of fairy tales contains thousands of characters, but I will mention my favorite - The Sea- Maiden! The story goes that she offered a fisherman all the fishes he wanted in return for his son when he turns twenty, the old man didn't want to give his son and when that son grew up he first went on different adventures, saved and married a princess and only then went to battle the Sea-Maiden. I like this tale the most I think because simply the weren't any damsels. The princess was a bad ass, the Sea-Maiden was bad ass, the prince was bad ass and I truly hope one day this will turn into a fiction novel or a movie. 

ROMANCE: There is plenty of love in these tales, but love of all kind. 

GOOD: They reminded me so much of my own tales I read as a child, and I loved how real and dirty they were.

BAD: I didn't like all of them, but I think I simply lack the knowledge of the Celtic culture to actually realize and understand everything clearly.

OVERALL: I think kids would love such tales, because an adult sure did! It's filled with adventure and courage and also teaches a lot of things. So if you like fairy tales and have a soft spot for the Celtic warmth, then read it, for you never know - maybe you will find a fairy tale that will speak to your heart! 

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