05 August, 2018

Writing 101: How I write

Hi guys, spare a second and join me today in talk about writing!
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Hello hello and welcome to another Sunday of me sharing some good tips and articles I found on writing!

Today we will discuss: How I write!

Writing experience can be very different for everyone. One person may be able to write with the music blasting loud, another may only be able to write in complete silence. One may write outside, the other inside, one on computer, the other with a typewriter and that's completely fine!

Your writing process is your own unique way of expressing yourself.

But today, I will let you take a look inside my writing experience:

1. Tea!

I am an absolute tea lover. Therefore, before I start writing, I make myself a cup of tea, I sat by the window looking outside or at the desk and just gather my thoughts and surround myself with this zone mood of being in that place or world and looking at everything. I try to make a little plan how everything should go.

2. Playlists

I am a playlist maker. I have a playlist for pretty much everything. The plays I do in my theater, the fanfiction and fandoms I am a fan off, and of course the books and stories I write. Usually the playlists contain one or two lyrical songs, but usually it's instrumental (it also depends on the genre I am writing).

For example now, since I am more into contemporary stories, I usually put a song called Holland by a wonderful artist Sufjan Stevens (click the link below to listen to it too if you want). There is something about this song that puts me straight into the plot I'm creating.

Sufjan Stevens - Holland

3. Writing in Silence

 When I feel ready to start, I usually put the tea aside, I turn off the music, close my rooms' door, sit down, take a deep breath and start writing. I usually don't eat, drink or listen to anything, I like writing in complete silence because I tend to murmur under my breath the dialogue or descriptions I write, so having no sound around me helps to focus.

I am really in the zone when I write, and I can go few pages or even chapters at a time, but then I stop and chill for a bit. Make tea, play the playlist again until I feel fresh and ready to continue writing again.

But again, that's just me. I think writing process should reflect you and what type of writer you are/ am becoming. It should feel natural, safe - great!

Let me know, what is your writing process!

See y'all next time!


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