01 July, 2018

Writing 101: How to believe in you as a writer

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Hello hello and welcome to another Sunday of me sharing some good tips and articles I found on writing!

Today we will discuss: How to believe in yourself and your writing!

This topic is so on point right now. As you might have know I am in the process of writing a novel. It's going very slow, very very very slow and I am slowly becoming impatient and doubtful.

Doubtful in myself as a writer.

I think, that I will not finish it, that it's not good and no one will want to read it, or no person will relate to it and that simply I am just not good as a writer in general.

Now these thoughts can make a horrible impact on your work:
1. You can start writing and rewriting the same passage numerous times, never thinking it's good enough.
2. You can start writing non stop just to prove you got it all down and end up with a bad product.
3. Or you can strop writing in general.

So! What to do, and how to believe in yourself and your own writing?

First of all, what I do, is I take a breath. I go for a walk, I don't touch my writing for a while just to get rid of all those thoughts.

I try to detach myself from the work I am doing and focus on other stories I have in mind, and then slowly I re-read what was written before. What I also do, and you will see it in the video, below as well, I keep something nice said about my writing on sticky notes. My co-bloggers have read some of my writing, and they have said nice things about it, some of my other friends did the same, so I keep them on my desk and when I have a hard day in writing I look at them. It gives me clarity somehow.

 Is that catching positive feedback only or a need of acceptance? Maybe, but it does help in getting out of this writing slump and having faith in your own work and creation.

I'll share this video with you, because I absolutely love this young author and her sharing with other aspiring authors. Enjoy!

(p.s. the tips starts at 2:10 and ends at 9:30)

See y'all next time!


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