03 June, 2018

Writing 101: Writing Pet Peeves

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Hello hello and welcome to another Sunday of me sharing some good tips and articles I found on writing!

Today we will discuss: What Pet Peeves to avoid in your story!

As a book reader, I live in the world of book pet peeves. Over the years I developed this intolerance to bullshit in books.

The pet peeves that I absolutely hate in books, are basically the ones that majority of readers have I think. I simply cannot deal when women are pitted against women in books. Yes there are cases when this works and it's interesting, but if it's a contemporary book set in our time. Nope! Move on! 

Another pet peeve I have is that when the character I like the most is used as space filler, or just in general space filling characters. 

Yet the biggest pet peeve of mine, are the characters that are 'deep' and 'searching for the goal in life, they are misunderstood' and then nothing is explained why they are this way, why they act so stupid and they are simply left like this. A reader deserves an answer why the character is this way! (yes I'm talking about Looking for Alaska, I read that book ages ago, but boy, I am still so angry!)

I present you another video, of a wonderful Youtuber, that speaks the truth and present other very common pet peeves a lot of readers have.

So it is best to avoid these tropes and cliches in your own writing.

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