15 June, 2018


Title: The October Game
Author: Ray Bradbury
Series: -
Genres: Horror, Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story
1948 in The Stories of Ray Bradbury
Audiobook / Online

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BLURB: One of Ray Bradbury's famous short stories about a wicked game that scares the most deepest part of your body and soul.

EXPECTATIONS: The only thing I know of Ray Bradbury's is 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', and I quite enjoyed the pages I read. I actually stumbled on this very short audiobook by accident and listened to and fell in love with this short story!

THE WORLD: The plot takes place during Halloween! Our main focus is the Wilder family - the husband, wife Luise and daughter Marion. They are all preparing for a Halloween party they are hosting. We get the feeling of Halloween and spookiness right of the bat in this story! Allow me to explain further.

CHARACTERS: Our main character, let's call it like that - the husband - has no name. But we get to understand the surroundings and the relationship in their household through his eyes. He seems the type of a man who while loves his family, still wished he could be on his own, with just the utter love for Halloween. Louis his wife gives the vibe of a tired wife and mother, who just cannot be bolstered to care enough about anything. Marion, their eight year old daughter, is the sweetest little thing. She is s excited about Halloween she spends hours choosing a masks to wear.

We also have other people, he guests who come to the Wilder house, and play the game. I got the feeling of this sad neighborhood, who uses Halloween to feel alive again, to feel this adrenaline rush or something to feel alive again.

ROMANCE: None. Well some, since there are married couples, but not the point.

GOOD: The Game. The game seems so amazingly awesome, that I am for sure playing it next Halloween! It's simply going down to the basement sitting in complete dark and then your imagination takes over and it's the most dangerous and scary thing you have ever experienced!

BAD: I think it was too short. Should have been more.

OVERALL: All in all, I love these types of short stories! When you get everything you need in just few pages! Go and read it people, it's very good!

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