20 May, 2018


Happy Sunday, friends! Welcome to Sunday Portraits, where we give a face to our beloved book friends!

 Today we have: Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab:

Alucard has shown himself to be witty, charming and clever, if not on the vain side (possibly due to his power as a magician). He is described by Lila Bard as being intentionally noisy, going about his life with the goal of making a scene of himself and the others around him. Much like Rhy, it is common for him to take temporary sexual partners. He was not afraid of Lila and either feels little fear or hides it extraordinarily well.

Despite his outward flamboyant nature, Alucard is haunted by his past and his family. Strong ties to them drove him back to rescue his younger sister, and he nearly died protecting her. Alucard also showed deep regret for abandoning Rhy and seems to truly love him.

Alucard Emery

Alucard is a very fine man, from a very good family he doesn't want to have to do with anything more than he has to. He's happy being a pirate, as happy as he can be considering he still has a goal at hand: to convince the love of his life, that he did not want to leave him. He's a powerful magician too

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Painting by: Nosferatu


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