11 May, 2018


Title: An Unsuitable Heir
Author: K.J. Charles
Series: Sins of the Cities 2
Genres: LGBT, Romance, Historical
Publisher: Loveswept
Release: October 3rd 2017
Source: eBook
Pages: 246

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A private detective finds passion, danger, and the love of a lifetime when he hunts down a lost earl in Victorian London.

On the trail of an aristocrat’s secret son, enquiry agent Mark Braglewicz finds his quarry in a music hall, performing as a trapeze artist with his twin sister. Graceful, beautiful, elusive, and strong, Pen Starling is like nobody Mark’s ever met—and everything he’s ever wanted. But the long-haired acrobat has an earldom and a fortune to claim.

Pen doesn’t want to live as any sort of man, least of all a nobleman. The thought of being wealthy, titled, and always in the public eye is horrifying. He likes his life now—his days on the trapeze, his nights with Mark. And he won’t be pushed into taking a title that would destroy his soul.

But there’s a killer stalking London’s foggy streets, and more lives than just Pen’s are at risk. Mark decides he must force the reluctant heir from music hall to manor house, to save Pen’s neck. Betrayed by the one man he thought he could trust, Pen never wants to see his lover again. But when the killer comes after him, Pen must find a way to forgive—or he might not live long enough for Mark to make amends.


EXPECTATIONS: There were a lot of questions author had to answer in this book! And a lot of loose strings to tie! So expectations of mine were very high. I hoped to see justice done.

THE WORLD: In the toxic fog of London, melting at last, the murderer still lurks, with one goal on his mind: the heir. To kill the heir means to secure the line of earldom for the right, but not rightful heir, and likely to forever have him in your pocket for extortion. Mark, a great detective, is already aware of this plan, and how would it enfold were he not on it, prepared to prevent another murder at any cost. After all, his friend's livelihood is at stake. And if that wasn't motivation enough, then the tune of circus trapeze performance, and the gorgeous heir Pen who swept him off his feet will do. Time to solve this damned case.

CHARACTERS: Mark is a polish-heritage detective. He was born without one arm, but learned to live his life to the fullest. He's a friend of Clem and a few other characters we met before. And mighty in love with the feminine, gender fluid Pen, the true heir to Earldom. Pen himself is a trapeze artist, a charming human unable to live in a single form of gender norms. One day he feels more like a woman, another, more like a man, then sometimes, like neither at all. He has a twin sister for whom he dearly cares, and therefore has to make a very tough decision: take the earldom, cut the hair, wear a suit, and hide his love for Mark forever; or betray his sister and condemn her to continuous life as a trapeze artist, unmarried and at the heart, likely unhappy.

ROMANCE: Mark is charmed by Pen the moment he figured what an unusual being he is. But he's prepared to set his heart to stone, so long that it guarantees his safety and well being. Pen, in the meantime, having been burned before, is a little more careful, yet it's very clear he cares dearly for Mark, and appreciates the beauty of their blooming relationship.

GOOD: The fluidity is Pen's gender, and thus the relationship he has with Mark is marvelous to read. Detective line is great too. And most importantly, I love that KJC finishes her books right and proper. Justice was served left and right.

BAD: It ended.

OVERALL: The series overall were very, very good. The characters are unusual, the plot is simple, but well written. Everyone in romance, every love interest, seem to enrich each other, fulfill one another, and possibly make the reader hopeful to find love as beautiful as these guys have. I am very happy to have found KJC.

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