15 May, 2018


Title: Fizzlesprocket
Author: Neven Iliev
Series: Everybody Loves Large Chests 2
Genres: Fantasy, Humor
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Release: February 26th, 2018
Source: ebook
Pages: 306

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Things are not well within the Lodrak Empire. An entire city goes up in smoke and ash, and an entire province is slowly being consumed by an ever-expanding cloud of death.

But while the humans rally to contain the fallout of this disaster, they are much quicker to pin the blame for it on their elven neighbors to the north. With centuries’ worth of strife and bad blood between the two nations flaring up, all out war is rapidly becoming an inevitability.

Powerful figures are already on the move. Some wish to unravel the mystery behind the dead city in order to bring the perpetrators to justice. Others are more than content enough to use this ‘act of terrorism’ as an excuse to further the Empire’s agenda. A select few are even planning on somehow turning this cataclysm into a weapon for the sake of their ambitions. The elves of the Ishigar Republic are hard at work undermining and sabotaging their old enemy while the international community watches the ongoing situation with a critical eye. Even the Gods themselves are closely monitoring the situation, ready to intervene should they deem it necessary.

However, though all these entities have different reasons and methods, they all have the same objective - to find the mastermind responsible for setting all this in motion.

The same ‘mastermind’ that is far too busy figuring out how wagons work to notice the world is stirring.

CONTENT WARNING: Profanity, gore, violence, explicit adult content


EXPECTATIONS: Loved the first book. So, naturally, was stoked about this one too. Last one ended up with Boxxy T. Morningwood destroying a huge chunk of humanity, and entering a human city, so I wondered how will that possibly work for a mimic. My biggest fear was that he'll find a way to mimic his succubus familiar completely, and we'll have two of those... It didn't happen. Luckily.

THE WORLD: This is the world of an RPG (Role-Playing Game). You can be an adventurer, go fight monsters, take up quests, level up, and even have a voice tell you what perks you unlocked. Rules of this realm are simple: monster - bad; people - good. Enlightened races, they are called. For all Boxxy cares, really. His world is far better and simpler. There are tasty things, and there are not tasty things. Not tasty things are bad, so must be avoided. Tasty things are good, more should be obtained. Same goes for shiny things. This primal want to horde gold and eat are his greatest drives, which in this particular book led him to learning a craftsman perk. Which really wasn't an easy task, even for as savvy a monster as Boxxy. For one, he had to learn to mimic humans, something that went against his nature a bit. For two, he had to avoid all those who felt unnatural fear around him, for fear easily turns to anger, and anger is NOT tasty. And for three... After the whole Calamity happened, the same one that destroyed a chunk of humanity, and is officially elven doing (that allows open war with that nuisance of a race for humans), there are agents from higher above, whose sole purpose right now is to secretly find the culprit, figure out how that whole shebang was done, and neutralize the threat. And, oh boy, are they skilled for it! And here you have to admit: tall dark strangers, especially the strong-silent type, are mighty suspicious to begin with.

CHARACTERS: Boxxy is a clever little mimic who is striving his best to master skills that'd allow him survival and obtaining of tasties and shinies. From a senseless idiot of a box who only knew how to sit still and wait for other adventurer idiots to come close and get eaten, he grew to a point where now he has his own familiars who take care of him, guard him, aid him in battle, and serve as snacks if need be. Then need arose to learn a new trait, and we met a dwarven character, named Fizzlesprocket. Her dramatic story clashed with an overall funny setting of this world, but ended up being the perfect twist for Boxxy's lack of humanity, and a boost for next step in his evolution.

ROMANCE: There's none, unless you're up to consider a lot of mighty intense intercourse among demons who can shift their bodies into either gender - romance. 

GOOD: The end of this book portrayed Boxxy as more than just a sentient box with one goal in mind. He seems to dread the idea of those simpler days, where he was a brainless moron, and values the knowledge that he has, and those who can provide him with more. I'm starting to really like this particular little mob.

BAD: Vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity is really not funny. First half of the book was dirty joke on dirty joke with a dirty joke on a side, and it got old really fast. 

OVERALL: It's a good book if you're willing to get through first half of it without quitting. I really enjoyed the dynamic characters had with their boss, and the said boss being a honest little moron, who causes harm without meaning harm, but at the same time - feels no remorse over it either. It's a different book, and an interesting book. But absolutely for adult consumption only. Don't be fooled by those comic covers.

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