01 April, 2018

Writing 101: The Villain

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Hello hello and welcome to another Sunday of me sharing some good tips and articles I found on writing!

Today's topic is - Villain!!!!!

Who doesn't love a good villain? I know I do!

I usually end up being interested in the villains story much more than in the main characters. Of course what I came to realize is that there are certain types of villains. So it all depends on the book or story you are writing.
Fantasy - in the fantasy world the villain is usually bad, but has some remediable features. He/she were mistreated as children, they have certain claim to something and they are bad to get something, or they are simply there to cause trouble for the lead.
Non-fiction - villains in non-fiction world are  usually much more realistic. They are bad because they are just awful human beings.

Of course there are certain types of villains as well. Let's look at few of them:

1. Villain with the backstory - in this case, the villain to me as a reader become much more interesting and I end up rooting for them! They usually have a backstory that's sad and you get to understand why they are the way they are, what event caused them to become evil or do bad things. Usually they were good, but they got their heart broken or something and they turned bad. There is nothing wrong with such villains, I myself love them so much!

2. Villains that are just plain evil - usually these villains are super bad-ass. They are absolutely evil, bad to the bone, they don't have any backstory, they were just always evil and they enjoy being this way and causing havoc. I like these villain, well I love to hate them, because they usually balance the goodness of the main character out and they create this illusion that by doing bad to the character, they are doing bad for me, and you just end up wanting them to die or something! However, they are good villains! They give taste to the book.

3. The villain who is just there - in some books I have read, there were villains who simply did nothing and where there to fill in space and be the bad guy of the book. Avoid such villains. Let them be their own thing, let them have stories and reasons and a very specific dream! Let them be real.

To sum up everything, decide on what villain you want in your writing. You can have more than one, but you need to make the villain stand out in the book, let him/her be the driven force, that leads the main character to develop to realize themselves.

Let your villain have a personality!

See y'all next time!


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