20 April, 2018

REVIEW: THE NINE DAY QUEEN by Karleen Bradford

Title: The Nine Day Queen
Author: Karleen Bradford
Series: Beneath The Crown #1
Historical fiction, History, YA
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At fifteen years of age, upon the death of her cousin, Edward, Lady Jane Grey was forced to accept the crown of England. She was queen for only nine days, however. Edward's eldest sister, Mary, soon challenged Jane for the throne, with tragic results. This is the true story of a bright and intelligent young woman who was manipulated and betrayed by the ambitious people who surrounded her.

EXPECTATIONS: It's not a secret, that I am a massive fan and history buff when it comes to Tudor England. I think by now I have watched all possible documentaries, read every possible article and I think I am just obsessed with this to the bone! To me it's just so interesting, this period is filled with love, death, politics and doing the impossible. So, because my hometown library closed for renovation last year, they had these shelves of free books that people could just take home. I took several and only about a month ago noticed that among them a little booked called 'Nine Day Queen' and I immediately connected the dots that it was about Lady Jane Grey! My newest Tudor obsession!

THE WORLD: The time is 16th century England. I mean, I know what the world looks like, what's the politics, what's the culture and so on, but this book does not contain much of world building. Maybe because it's very short, but there aren't much descriptions.

CHARACTERS: For those who do not know, King Edward dies and because he is a protestant he leaves the succession of the crown to his cousin Jane Grey. Because his oldest sister Mary Tudor is a Catholic. So the plot of the book surrounds these events basically.

Our main character is Jane Grey. As we find out she is the cousin of Edward 6th, the present King of England, Mary Tudor and future Elizabeth 1st, from their father side, through his sister. Jane was a very likable character in the book. She was beyond smart because her father did not have any sons, he spent all his money to educate his daughters (he had tree), especially Jane, since she was the oldest. So Jane is beyond smart, well mannered and has a beautiful heart and soul. She is a fighter! She is a believer that one can be happy in the this day and age, that no matter that you're a woman or not, you have a right to live the way you want. I liked Jane a lot! For a person of only 15 years old, she was wise beyond her hears!

The book basically revolves around her, but we get to meet her family: father Henry, who is this tyrant type of a father, who realizes that he can use to to get into power. We meed Edward, with whom Jane is in love with. And her husband Dudley. She is a lamb surrounded by these men, who in one way or another love and betray her, or leave her and she comes out a hero, a martyr....A Queen.

ROMANCE: Jane and Edward are in love, but tragedy structs them.

GOOD: The book was very fast paste. Historically very little is known about Jane herself. Historians don't even know what she actually looked like, but I felt that this book did her justice. The author created a beautiful character, a smart young woman, who took what was brought onto her with dignity and bravery.

BAD: I feel it was a little too short, that's why it seemed that some places were rushed. I would have loved to have more development with her and Edward and with Dudley, whom with she actually had a good marriage in real life.

OVERALL: I would recommend to read this book if you like historical books, or you enjoy this specific time period.

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