20 March, 2018

REVIEW: DREAM ON by Kerstin Gier

Title: Dream On (Silber: The Second Book of Dreams)
Author: Kerstin Gier
Series: Silber Trilogy #2
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Publisher: Fischer FJB
Release: June 26th, 2014
Source: Paperback
Pages: 416

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BLURB: Things seem to be going well for Liv Silber: she’s adjusting to her new home in London; she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper, one of the cutest boys in school; and the girl who’s been turning her dreams into nightmares, Anabel, is now locked up. But serenity doesn’t last for long.

It seems that Liv’s troubles are far from over—in fact, suddenly they’re piling up. School gossip blogger Secrecy knows all of Liv’s most intimate secrets, Henry might be hiding something from her, and at night Liv senses a dark presence following her through the corridors of the dream world. Does someone have a score to settle with Liv?

EXPECTATIONS: Don't mind that I took the Spanish cover again because it's the one I have and it's like the original one. The English one sucks big time. Finally I got my hands on the second and third books! it was about time... someone told me the story got better as the books progress so I was excited to read them!

PS: Curse the Spanish blurb! It basically spoils one of the important things in the plot! DO NOT READ THE SPANISH BLURB!

THE WORLD: The same as last book. Our world but with this "Dreamscape" where everyone in the dreams can access a place where people's doors are lined up... like a hallway with lots of doors and each door leads to different people's dreams.

CHARACTERS: The main characters are also the same. We have Liv Silber and her younger sister Mia. We still have the gang of boys, Henry Harper, Grayson Spencer, Jasper Grant, and Arthur Hamilton. However, in this book Jasper is in France (for a semester in order to improve his French skills) and Arthur is no longer friends with the boys, or Liv. Basically that's it... we meet Grayson and Florence's grandma, Mrs. Spencer, who is an evil stuck up witch. I mean... nothing really happens in the book... the only other relevant characters are Anabel (now in a psychiatric hospital after the events of the first book) and Secrecy, the nobody-knows-who-it-is that runs a gossip blog kinda like in Gossip Girl.

ROMANCE: There's more romance than in the first book but it's not like IN YOUR FACE romance.

GOOD: To be honest... the only good thing that saved the book was Liv's narration. Its lightness and freshness but story wise... there wasn't much going on.

BAD: Here we go. I want to complain about the lack of story building... for the most part there was nothing going on in the book except couples breaking up and small details happening here and there. The big thing happened in the last 20% and unfortunately the Spanish blurb kinda revealed almost all of it! I'm so mad about that! WHO THE HECK WROTE THE SPANISH BLURB?

Another thing, since there wasn't much happening we could've been given more details and insight into the characters but nope... we didn't even get character development in that sense. My question is then... what was the point of this book? The trilogy could've been a duology, no problem.

OVERALL: 3 stars. In summary, this book was boooooring. The pace and lightness was still there but seriously, nothing happens... only in the last 20% or so something happens and turns out the Spanish blurb already spoiled that bit. CURSES! Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward the third and final book because I can't say I disliked this book either, it was just... more boring than the first.

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