11 March, 2018


Title: Dark Flame
Author:  Alyson Noel
Series: The Immortals #4
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release: 2010
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 320

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In Alyson Noël’s most darkly seductive Immortals novel yet, Ever fights for control of her body, her soul — and the timeless true love she’s been chasing for centuries.

Ever is trying to help Haven make the transition into life as an immortal. But with Haven drunk on her new powers and acting recklessly, she poses the ultimate threat — exposing their secret world to the outside. But Ever's struggle to keep the Immortals hidden only propels Haven closer to the enemy: Roman and his evil companions.

At the same time, Ever delves deeper into dark magick to free Damen from Roman’s power. But when her spell backfires, it binds her to the one guy who’s hell-bent on her destruction. Now there’s a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, and no matter what she does, she can’t stop thinking about Roman — and longing for his touch. As she struggles to resist the fiery attraction threatening to consume her, Roman is more than willing to take advantage of her weakened state...and Ever edges closer and closer to surrender.

Frantic to break the spell before its too late, Ever turns to Jude for help, risking everything she knows and loves to save herself — and her future with Damen....  

EXPECTATIONS: My last experience with this series was really meh so I was very worried about continuing the story. 

THE WORLD: We are in our world except for some paranormal extras. Basically there are a few chosen ones that managed to achieve immortality once but not all of them are like that. Some of them just continue on on living while others are reborn without real memories of the past. There is also this magical world where everything is possible and where you can go if you know how but one must be careful not to stay there too long. 

CHARACTERS: The main character is called Ever and as it is the fourth book in the series we are already pretty familiar with her. Ever was really great in the first book but eventually she turned into another whiny girl obsessed with a bad boy. What I do like about Ever however still is the fact that for one she is beautiful and has long blonde hair and is skinny and used to be very popular once. Basically Ever is an opposite of mouse trope we so often see in YA and that made he automatically connect with her in the first book. Ever actually has this sorta best friend who is this mouse type and is extremely mean and just a total b***h that I hate. So yeah some thing in this series are reversed. Unfortunately Damon is not one of them, he is a total loser in bad boy skin. Like seriously my hate for Damon can burn the house! 

ROMANCE: There is a massive amount of drama going on between Ever and Damon and I just do not care for any of it. I actually like other guy way more!

GOOD: It is getting a bit clear that Ever will start distance herself from Damon and start thinking about the other guy. Basically the idea is that in every life Damon finds reborn Ever and they are these one true love couple. But then we actually find out that there is another guy that in some lives Ever chooses instead of Damon and that got me really intrigued. 

BAD: Still missing Riley, like why did Alyson Noel had to get rid of her???

OVERALL: I really feel like this series is totally going downhill. It is just not good. First book should have been a standalone. 

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