04 February, 2018

Writing 101: How to Write a Good Character?

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Hello hello and welcome to another Sunday of me sharing some good tips and articles I found on writing!

Today's topic is - Characters!!!!

I cannot even count how many times characters have ruined a book for me! Over the years I kind of formed this block with annoying characters, where if I find the character annoying, I literally would skip pages about them cause I just do not want to waist my time!

So in my own writing I try to really sit back and think if the characters I created is annoying. Most of the time I think the character is alright, but then you go back to it and you realize you created something I would never read myself, therefore, over the last years I kind of did my research on how to create a really god character that would have depth and heart and would be just a good relatable character!

I am listing the articles here:

 Thus, what I've learned?

1. Your character needs to be relatable - we should always try make the character just like any other person you would know. What I understood that if you want to create great character, they need to be one of us.

2. Have them grow in the book - One dimensional characters are the worst. Like a pretty girl being just pretty, a villain being just a villain. Can you imagine having a villain in the book that does not have any redeemable qualities and then goes just to the maximum level of evil? Sweet baby Jesus, what a book would that be!

3. Let them have an opinion - let's create strong characters, with their own opinion!

4. A unique gift? - Maybe your character can have something special about them, and I am not talking the special snowflake trope in YA, I'm referring to the unique thing they do like always close windows before sunset, or always having to count to ten before they exit a room, or maybe having different eye color, or playing an instrument, or having a specific liking of something, or a really good sense of humor.

I mean when you think about it, there are so many characters you can create, so many people you can breathe life into and make them aware of the world! 

Great, now I have to go and redo like four characters I have already! :D But hey, as long as I'm having fun with it! I hope you are too!

See y'all next time!


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