13 February, 2018

REVIEW: WOMAN IN WHITE by Wilkie Collins

Title: Woman in White
Author:  Wilkie Collins
Series: -
Genres: Classics, Romance, Crime
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Release: 1859
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 672

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'In one moment, every drop of blood in my body was brought to a stop... There, as if it had that moment sprung out of the earth, stood the figure of a solitary Woman, dressed from head to foot in white'

The Woman in White famously opens with Walter Hartright's eerie encounter on a moonlit London road. Engaged as a drawing master to the beautiful Laura Fairlie, Walter becomes embroiled in the sinister intrigues of Sir Percival Glyde and his 'charming' friend Count Fosco, who has a taste for white mice, vanilla bonbons, and poison. Pursuing questions of identity and insanity along the paths and corridors of English country houses and the madhouse, The Woman in White is the first and most influential of the Victorian genre that combined Gothic horror with psychological realism.

Matthew Sweet's introduction explores the phenomenon of Victorian 'sensation' fiction, and discusses Wilkie Collins's biographical and societal influences. Included in this edition are appendices on theatrical adaptations of the novel and its serialisation history. 

EXPECTATIONS: This was on my TBR of classics as I have been trying to read more and more of them. 

THE WORLD: Victorian London, I must one of my favorite! Also the world has a lot of Jane Eyre vibe. 

CHARACTERS: There are many characters in this book but main one I consider Laura Fairlie. She falls in love with her drawing teacher Walter Hartright but because of her status she is forced to marry Sir Percival Glyde, Baronet. However Glyde is not for what he seems, Laura moves to his household with her sister Marian Halcombe and that's when crazy things start to happen. Basically to keep this short Laura is a very good person and easily fooled but her sister Marian acts like a buffer in this book. She is very analytical and always consults Laura where Glyde and his friend Count Fosco are concerned. Basically Glyde is has some money laundry going on and tries to get Laura's money to cover his debts. Additionally there is a mysterious lady in white wandering around but more about that you have to find yourself. 

ROMANCE: Walter and Laura have this forbidden love going on that I promise you gonna ship!

GOOD: I loved loved loved the twist and basically everything about this book! It is def one of my favorites!

BAD: Nothing! I literary have absolutely nothing bad to say about this amazing book! 

OVERALL: Highly highly recommend!!! 

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