07 January, 2018

WRITING 101: What to write about?

Hi guys, spare a second and join me today in talk about writing!
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For those who may not know, I have been fiddling and struggling with writing a story (stories) for about two years now. 

So I thought that I might share my ups and downs, my struggles and tips I got while doing research on the stories I want to put on paper!

So grab some tea and get ready for a rant!

1. What to Write About?

 So let's start with session with the one thing that always keeps my up at night and the question I can never get a clear answer to - What to Write About? 
Or in other words - What is my story?

Believe me I have struggled with this issue for a really long time! 
If you are the kind of a person like me, your mind generates up to 5 different stories in one day. You wake up wanting to write a book or a short story about vampires, them you want a contemporary because you missed your bus, or you need to write how hard it is to be a woman, and just as you are falling asleep you come up with an idea for a dystopian world! 
And that is amazing! That means your mind gives you all these ideas that you can't just ignore right? Yes! And you shouldn't, but then, how to decide which one to pick? Which one should I start with? Cause I can't write all at the same time right?


In no way I am calling myself a writer it that I have so much experience that I should preach what other people should do, but what I have found in various articles, tips from authors and videos online where writers talk about their writing process I got one idea very clear:
 Always start writing from the thing you know the best and stick with one story at a time
And this is so true and you know why? Because you only need to worry about doing research for one story!
I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about witches, when I came up with a story I wanted to write but let me tell you, the moment I started going deeper into the history, into the real characters, into the entire background of witchcraft my mind exploded with the massive amount of information I got and just imagine doing that if you need to to research for three books, and you can't start writing anything without doing research!

So to save the ideas that I get and the potential stories I would like to write about, while I concentrate on a specific one at the moment, I write them all down in a notebook. 
I have a notebook of all stories my mind generates. I write all of them down, to not forget, if I come up with characters I write those down too, so basically the notebook contains all the new ideas I get.
This way, I not only remember what I thought of for a specific story, but what I found out that this gives me time to reflect on that idea. To think if it's interesting, would I be able to write it, or what to change in it to make it better.
 Sometimes when you go back to some of the ideas you put down, you end up not even wanting to do them anymore and I think that's perfectly fine.

So remember, if you are struggling to choose which story to start with just remember to pick the one closest to your heart, the one you know the best and write other's someone down on paper so you could came back to them later!
Great! Now go do that research!

See y'all next time!


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