26 December, 2017

REVIEW: THE POSSIBLE by Tara Altebranto

Title: The Possible
Author: Tara Altebranto
Series: -
Genres: YA, Mystery
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Release: June 6th 2017
Source: eBook
Pages: 304

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Some storms rage from within.

What if…a teenage girl could move objects with her mind?

What if…someone turns up at her door asking questions she doesn’t want to answer?

Kaylee lives a normal life with her adoptive parents, and almost never thinks of her birth mother, Crystal, who is serving a life sentence in prison. But the woman at the front door is producing a podcast about Crystal that is about to blow Kaylee’s forgotten past wide open.

What if strange things have been happening Kaylee’s entire life, things she could not explain? What if she’s more like her mother than she ever imagined?

What if the podcast is about to put her on a collision course with Crystal—and her darkest self?

EXPECTATIONS: I have read The Leaving by Tara Altebrando before and really loved it so her new releases was a must read for me.

THE WORLD: Is very much a normal ordinary world that we all live in. 

CHARACTERS: Kaylee is a typical teenager who dreams about boys and being popular. She was adapted when she was around five after her biological mother went to prison for killing Kaylee's younger brother. However, before Kaylee was even born there was a whole interest in the mother because she was said to have telekinetic powers. So basically the plot of the book is about this reporter who is doing a spooky broadcast to sorta figure out if Kaylee's mother really had telekinetic powers. At first it sounds like a very interesting story but very fast I started to hate Kaylee. She is told by the reporter that she would like to interview her and all about possible powers of the mother and suddenly Kaylee is a star in her own head, she is super important and everybody else is below her. I mean okay young teenagers don't really have experience in this field and are super susceptible to 3 second fame but Kaylee was just plain horrible. The way she treated her friends was just wow. And then she was into this boy that she made all these stories about in her head how he loves her and blah blah. I mean many teenager girls at some point get attracted by the looks and then they think they know the person without even talking to him but this was a completely new level. It was disgusting and I really passionately hate Kaylee. I also did not get why author would write a character who looks down on her friend for liking young adult books. I mean I get we not supposed to like Kaylee but that whole ending did not make me sorta say oh yeah I get it. I still hate her very very much. 

ROMANCE: Kaylee's best friend is in love with her but of course for her he is just a loser and never good enough. She is supposedly in love with this popular boy even tho she never even had a conversation with him. Just pathetic to be honest. 

GOOD: I liked how it was never really confirmed what really caused the brother to die and if telekinetic powers were real. It leaves this kind of open ending for the reader to decide.

BAD: Kaylee character was just awful and the whole final development did not solve anything. Also the reporter was a bitch in my eyes and I don't get how she is considered a good character in the end. 

OVERALL: I think the leaving was way way better book. I mean I had problems with it's ending but it had logic and made you wanting to read more. The Possible on the other hand just made me want to trow the book in the wall. Plus when I think about it Kaylee was also present in The Leaving, I mean the style of the character and if this is gonna continue in the next book of Tara Altebrando I will unfortunately be forced to abandon her books. 

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